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Arts & Crafts with Lindsay

Friday, April 20, 2018
Lindsay, a great volunteer at San Carlos Elms, always has a fun craft to share with our Residents.
This month she did Zentangle Draws and Beading.
Ana's work was wonderful.

Pat loved the extra details on her work.

Marilyn thought is was different, but fun.
This is Marilyn's work.
Lindsay loves working with our Residents and helping them with their craft.

Russ tried the larger scale of art work.

Marilyn made bracelets with Lindsay at her next visit.

Helen did too.
Thank you Lindsay for being such a wonderful volunteer and coming up with crafts that our Residents will enjoy.

Mayor Bob Grassilli Visit

The Residents were excited to see Mayor Bob Grassilli and hear all the new things happening in San Carlos. They also enjoy asking him questions on what is going on in the city of San Carlos.
We are so grateful for Mayor Grassilli to take time out of his busy schedule to come see our Residents.

Rainbows Spotted Over San Carlos Elms

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
We have endured some wild weather over the past few days.
We all enjoyed the spectacular view of rainbows over our community!!!
What a beautiful site!

Academy of American Ballet Performs

Friday, April 13, 2018
We were honored to have students from the Academy of American Ballet perform for our Residents.
They performed several group and solo pieces. Each one was beautifully performed.

The Residents were impressed to find out some of the pieces were choreographed  by the dancers. 

Thank you to Jackie (photo above) for setting this wonderful evening up for our Residents.
We look forward to another visit!

Doc Lamott's Musical Persentation

"Clair de Lune and Water Lilies":
Music and art shared a style period, now known as Impressionism, centered in France in the second half of the nineteenth century. Rarely have the two art forms had so much in common, from the choice of subject matter to their use of visual and tonal colors. Composers and artists in this style were also reacting to the emotion and bombast of previous styles and asserting both their love of nature and fascination with light. Illustrated with artworks by Monet and his contemporaries and the music of Debussy, Dr. Lamott explored the common characteristics of this style, which though controversial in its time, is now one of the most popular in art museums and concert halls.
Dr. Lamott is wonderful at providing amazing history.

The Residents enjoy how he is able to lecture and play excerpts on the piano.

Thank you Dr. Lamott we look forward to your next musical lecture.

San Carlos Elms Celebrates George's Birthday

Thursday, April 12, 2018
George had a wonderful 93rd birthday with his friends, family and staff in the Memory Program.
George was happy that his daughter Diane and son-in-law Guy were able to attend.

George's daughter Rita was also in attendance.

George loved all the decorations and especially his horn.

George's friend Claire was able to join in the celebration.

Claire-(106 years young) cheers George for a great birthday and many more to come. 
George, you only have 13 more years to reach Claire's age!

Singing at San Carlos Elms

Every month we have Karaoke sessions with the Residents.
They enjoy singing together.
Hubert, Marion, Nellie and Elsa love to belt it out.
The group we had this week was very enthusiastic about singing.

Happy Spring from San Carlos Elms

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
On Easter Sunday our Residents had a fun time with friends and family looking for eggs.
The Residents studied their clues where the eggs were located in the building. 
Gioia was happy to have help from her family.

Peggy found one in the piano.

Joan found a couple of eggs too.

Nellie was running out of space to hold all of her eggs.

Bob was happy to find one in the Sun Room.

Burt was happy to have his family helping with the Egg Hunt.

Emily found one in our Easter Bunny's basket.

Barbara was happy to turn in her winning tickets to Emilia for prizes.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Egg Hunt.
It was a lot of fun!!

Lunch Outing for San Carlos Elms

Friday, March 30, 2018
We went to the Fish Market and had so much fun!
The views were beautiful, wonderful staff,  good food and enjoyable company.
August, Muriel and Sue enjoyed catching up with one another.

Bob wanted to give a "Cheer" for the fun group.

Alyce is always making us laugh on our outings.

Gordon was happy with a surprise hug from Kathleen

Margie and Don loved their salads.

Kathleen was happy to take a selfie with Margie.

Margie, Alyce and Don were happy they went out to lunch together.
Thank you Fish Market for a memorable outing.

San Carlos Elms Actvities for April 2018

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