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San Carlos Elms Enjoys More Mister Softee this week

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Thanks to the Friends of San Carlos Adult Community Center and San Carlos Adult Community Center some of our Residents were able to enjoy another sundae or ice cream cone from Mister Softee. 
We are so lucky to live in such a great community where we all support one another.
 Helen and Gloria would never turn down ice cream.

 Tish was happy to attend Mister Softee she missed him earlier this week.

 Gloria was happy to try something new and grateful for the invitation.

 Evelyn also missed Mister Softee and was very happy with her sundae. 

Thank you Patti for inviting us we hope to see you again soon, maybe at San Carlos Elms.

Mister Softee Visit

The Residents always enjoy their Mister Softee visit.
We can't thank Mister Softee enough for the fantastic service they provide for our Residents, Family and Staff.
Marcella, Gloria and Emily wanted to be the first for their ice cream.

And they were.

 Shirley was so happy with her chocolate covered ice cream cone.

 At 100 years young, Bob still enjoys a good ice cream cone.

 Elsa was happy to show off her ice cream cone.
 Helen had fun ordering an ice cream for her and her friend Henry.
 Activity Leader, Ismary was one of the many staff runners. Making sure all the Residents who wanted an ice cream received one.
Becky couldn't wait to taste her ice cream.

 Ann & Faye enjoyed each others company out side with their ice cream.

 George enjoyed his ice cream relaxing in his favorite chair.

 Bob is all smile with his ice cream.

Marjoie was so happy with her ice cream.
Thank you to Henry, our Mister Softee worker he made every one happy!!!

San Carlos Entertainment

Here at San Carlos Elms we have a variety of musical guest.
Jeoffery was just one of our most recent performers.
The Residents enjoyed his performance with his Banjo.

San Carlos Elms Staff Appreciation Day

Monday, September 18, 2017
At San Carlos Elms, we appreciate our staff every day for all the hard work and dedication they show the Residents.
This was a special day because we hired a food vendor and had a raffle with fantastic prizes to show just how much they are appreciated.
 The staff lining up to receive their delicious food.
 All the raffle prizes awaiting the staff.
 Ismary, Grove Activity Leader, was so happy to receive the trip for four to Disneyland.
 Cook, Ivan was excited about his new PS4.
 Elms P.C.A. (Personal Care Attendant), Lorily was happy to get a lap top to keep up with her classes.
 Each winner picked the next raffle ticket. Activity Director, Kathleen found this extremely amusing.
 Housekeeper, Ileana won a tablet.
 Server, Olga thought it was a blessing to win the T.V. Her cat just destroyed the one she had.
 Receptionist/ Server, Amelia enjoyed her first Staff Appreciation Day with a $50 gift card.
 Server, Ketty was all smiles about her new tablet.
P.C.A. Dora and Server Helen were happy with the gifts they had won.

San Carlos Elms Memory Care Program

We have an active Memory Care Program here at San Carlos Elm.
Residents enjoy many different activities.
Below are just a few we caught on camera, enjoy!
Faye & Anne are enjoying conversation while indulging on a root beer float.
 Bob is all smiles with his root beer float.
 Kirsten was all giggles with her ice cream cone from Mister Softee.
 The Residents enjoy their leisure time at BINGO.
 They also enjoy painting with one another.

 We have fun ways to exercise too, popping bubbles is always fun on a nice afternoon.

 Family members are always welcomed to visit. Becky's daughter came recently to celebrate her mom's birthday with everyone.
 We can not forget our volunteers. They enrich the lives of our Residents by helping with activities.
We have our student volunteers and dog visitors.
We even have our musical volunteers like Claire above with her good friend Ruth.
Claire comes in weekly to play the organ for our Residents and at 105year young we should all be so lucky.
Thank you to all our volunteer that dedicate time to The Elms!!!

San Carlos Elms Activities for September 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mayor Bob Grassilli Visits San Carlos Elms

The Residents were excited to see Mayor Bob Grassilli and hear all the new things happening in San Carlos. They also enjoy asking him questions on what is going on in the city of San Carlos.
We are so grateful for Mayor Grassilli to take time out of his busy schedule to come see our Residents.
Thank you, Mayor Bob Grassilli!

Rabbi Corey Visits San Carlos Elms

We are grateful to have Rabbi Corey Helfand visit us from Peninsula Sinai Congregation and educated us on Jewish traditions.
Residents of all faiths are always welcomed into this activity.
Thank you, Rabbi Corey, for all your dedication to The Elms.
Rabbi Corey is wonderful making sure he knows all the new Residents in our community.

Laughter Yoga at San Carlos Elms

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Laughter instructor, Annie is always welcomed to The Elms.
 She was introduced to us by Care Indeed.
Annie has been here several times and with each visit we have more Residents joining in on this wonderful way of staying healthy.
 With all the laughter in the room we had both Residents and Staff joining in just by walking by to see what was so funny.
Thank you Annie! Laugh with you again soon.

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Tenor Singer Kevin Gino

Kevin accompanied with Chelsea on piano wowed our Residents with his incredible voice.
Thank you Kevin and we look forward having you back again.

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