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San Francisco Banjo Band Performs at San Carlos Elms

Monday, October 16, 2017
The Residents at San Carlos Elms were delighted with The San Francisco Banjo Band this past weekend.
You could hear the Residents singing along to all of their songs and enjoying every minute of their performance.  
Thank you San Francisco Banjo Band we look forward to having you back in our community soon.

San Carlos Elms Enjoyed The Art & Wine Faire

Monday, October 9, 2017
Many of our Residents, Family and Staff enjoyed the Art and Wine Faire this past weekend.
We were lucky to capture just a few moments with Resident's from our Memory Program with the Staff. They enjoyed the all the different booths and the amazing weather we had.
 Mary and Becky enjoyed seeing all the wonderful artwork.
Rhea, Activity Leader in our Memory Program, made sure that Mary and Becky had a fun time.
 Raquel, Personal Care Attendant for our Memory Program made sure the Residents had a safe time.

Becky and Mary were happy to pose with the classic cars on display.
Thank you to everyone involved making this years Art & Wine Faire so successful!!

Our Elms bag Spotted in Paris

Friday, October 6, 2017
Cari owner of Garden Court Board and Care, sent us a great photo of her sporting the
San Carlos Elms bag down the streets of Paris.
Hope you are having a great time Cari!

Arts & Crafts with Lindsay at San Carlos Elms

Lindsay, a great volunteer at San Carlos Elms, always has a fun craft to share with our Residents.
This week she wanted to celebrate the beginning of Fall and the Halloween season.
Each Resident received their own pumpkin and decorated it for the holiday. 
 Tillie was concentrating to get her pumpkin just right.
 Gloria and Dolores discussed what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.
 Caroline loved working with all the different materials that Lindsay brought in.
Sue wanted to make sure that her pumpkin had enough leave on and around it.
 Gloria was happy and proud to show off her completed work of art.
This is the completed work of one of Sue's many creations.
Thank you Lindsay for making all of us so creative here at San Carlos Elms!!!

San Carols Elms Activities for October 2017

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Social Times at San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Elms Residents enjoy plenty of time socializing, meeting new friends and learning new hobbies.
Fred and Hershel are enjoying their new friendship and teaching their new friend Elsa how to play Chess.

Tish and Dolores love knitting together and our Library has the best lighting.

San Carlos Elms Goes out to Lunch

We had a great time on our outing to Sizzler's!
The Staff  gave us wonderful service.
Thank you to Linda for all your help.

San Carlos Elms Wine and Cheese Social

Thursday, September 28, 2017
We are excited about the Art & Wine Fair coming up next month we thought we should start tasting some wine and cheese with good friends.
 Bob, Erna, Helen and Burt enjoyed cheering to meeting new company.
 The Residents love to catch up with each other during this fun social.
 This is a great activity to introduce yourself to new friends.
 Shirley welcomed Chris to the Elms.
 We left plenty of room in the Resident Lounge for some Residents to dance.
Henry and Helen enjoyed their time on the dance floor.

Loraine Adams Celebrates 103rd Birthday!

Friday, September 22, 2017
Loraine is a fascinating woman!
At 103 years young she still works on the daily crossword, exercises and plays Bingo with her friends.
 Falling on the first day of Fall this year we had a lovely fall themed Birthday for Loraine today.
 Loraine's son Larry enjoyed the festivities today.
 Henry, one of our Resident pianist, played "Happy Birthday" for Loraine.
  Loraine had fun blowing out her candles on her beautiful cake.
 A lot of Loraine's friends stopped by for some cake and punch.
 Bob gave Loraine a birthday kiss on the head.
Bob had fun celebrating Loraine's 103rd Birthday today.
He is looking forward to his 101st Birthday in December.
Congratulations Loraine on your special day!!!

Random Acts of Flowers Visits San Carlos Elms

The Residents enjoyed a special treat the other day. Random Acts of Flowers came and delivered a bouquet of flowers to each of our 89 apartments and brightened the day of each of our Residents.
 Random Acts of Flowers recycles and re-purposes flowers by engaging dedicated volunteer teams to deliver beautiful bouquets and moments of kindness to individuals in healthcare facilities across the country.
Below are just a few of the moments we caught on camera.
 Sara and Sharon were so excited to deliver flowers to the Residents.
Nellie, in the middle was already trying to pick her bouquet out.
While Resident Sue, on the far right volunteers with Random Acts of Flowers every Thursday.

 Shirley couldn't stop smiling when Sara gave her flowers.
 Margie welcomed Sara in with open arms.
 Gene was surprisingly happy when he received his bouquet.
 Bessie was shocked with her flowers.
 Jim was overcome with emotions with our visit.
 Mary was so happy with her bouquet of flowers.
 Newest Resident, Anna was delighted with her bouquet.
Thank you to Sara, Sharon and Sue for delivering all the beautiful bouquets to the Residents.
Thank you Random Acts of Flowers for your visit this week!!!

San Carlos Elms Enjoys More Mister Softee this week

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Thanks to the Friends of San Carlos Adult Community Center and San Carlos Adult Community Center some of our Residents were able to enjoy another sundae or ice cream cone from Mister Softee. 
We are so lucky to live in such a great community where we all support one another.
 Helen and Gloria would never turn down ice cream.

 Tish was happy to attend Mister Softee she missed him earlier this week.

 Gloria was happy to try something new and grateful for the invitation.

 Evelyn also missed Mister Softee and was very happy with her sundae. 

Thank you Patti for inviting us we hope to see you again soon, maybe at San Carlos Elms.

Mister Softee Visit

The Residents always enjoy their Mister Softee visit.
We can't thank Mister Softee enough for the fantastic service they provide for our Residents, Family and Staff.
Marcella, Gloria and Emily wanted to be the first for their ice cream.

And they were.

 Shirley was so happy with her chocolate covered ice cream cone.

 At 100 years young, Bob still enjoys a good ice cream cone.

 Elsa was happy to show off her ice cream cone.
 Helen had fun ordering an ice cream for her and her friend Henry.
 Activity Leader, Ismary was one of the many staff runners. Making sure all the Residents who wanted an ice cream received one.
Becky couldn't wait to taste her ice cream.

 Ann & Faye enjoyed each others company out side with their ice cream.

 George enjoyed his ice cream relaxing in his favorite chair.

 Bob is all smile with his ice cream.

Marjoie was so happy with her ice cream.
Thank you to Henry, our Mister Softee worker he made every one happy!!!

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