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San Carlos Elms Memory Care Program, Fusing two Activities

Friday, January 20, 2017
At San Carlos Elms we have enjoyed seeing the Resident enjoy their individualized music through the Music and Memory Program.
We thought we would try to combine the Music in Memory with Memories in the Making Program to see what new art work would come from our Residents.
We were pleasantly surprise with Becky.
Usually Becky paints birds, today while listening to her music she painted a beautiful picture of flowers.
Here is a sample of Becky creating.
Becky's completed work of art.
Mary is enjoying her music while watching the Residents paint.

Emilio was all smiles while painting and listening to his music.
Emilio's completed art work.

Joan loves it when she has time to listen to her own music.
Faye was happy to show off her monkey she painted during this fused activity.
Faye's completed work of art.

San Carlos Elms Wii Tournament

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
We started a bowling tournament Residents vs. Activity Department.
So far the Activity Department is 2-0, but last night the Residents came close.
We look forward to doing this monthly and practicing weekly to prepare.
We compete more with our own personal best scores than each other.We have more fun cheering one another on.
Bill just started bowling last week and last night he bowled a high of 145.

Joan has learned to control her hook through and is happy with her 130 average.
Activity Assistant, Ashley has so much fun with the Residents during this activity.

Activity Director, Kathleen loves to coach the Residents and is amazed by her average of 165.

San Carlos Elms Weathering the Storm

Saturday, January 7, 2017
We were so thrilled to start the day with a rainbow leading to our community.
Happy Saturday!
Good Luck to everyone during this stormy weekend!!!

San Carlos Elms New Years in Review

Friday, January 6, 2017
For several years now the Residents at San Carlos Elms have enjoyed a special kind of celebration.
A "New Years in Review Party" where we take all the pictures we have taken through out the past year and show them on our T.V. screens. The Residents and Staff love to take a look back at the year.
We celebrate this occasion with cake, champagne, music but most importantly the release of the
San Carlos Elms 2016 Yearbook.

We will soon make the 2016 Yearbook available on the website.
Happy New Year to all!!!

Happy New Year from San Carlos Elms

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
The Residents and Staff in our Assistant Living and our Memory Program had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year!
They all enjoyed getting together after dinner on New Years to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 

George had fun playing with his horn.
Bill was happy that his daughter, Judy was able to stop by.

P.C.A. (Personal Care Attendant) Lupe and Assistant to Activities, Ashley had fun celebrating with the Residents.

Allen enjoyed all the fun with the Care Staff.

Jimmy, Rhea, Raquel and Flavia made sure the Residents had a wonderful New Year!

The Residents sure had a great party thanks to Activity Leader Rhea.

Rhea & Marjoriann had fun posing for the camera.
From all of us here at San Carlos Elms here is wishing you and your family a Happy 2017 Year!!!

San Carlos Elms Activities for January 2017

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms

Sunday, December 25, 2016
Staff sharing their Christmas spirit to the Residents today.

Hershel lead the lighting of the first candle on the  Menorah last night.
Residents appreciated his reading.
Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms.

San Carlos Elms Residents Have Fun on Lunch Outing

Friday, December 23, 2016
Just a day before Christmas Eve and we had so much fun eating our lunch out at China Village.
June and Ruth loved their chicken chow fun.

Sue and Muriel couldn't get enough of the spring rolls and crab tails.
Thank you China Village staff for being so welcoming to our group.

Peninsula Carolers visit San Carlos Elms

The Residents enjoyed beautiful singing last night after dinner by the Peninsula Carolers.
We were so happy to have them visit our community.
Thank you carolers and have a wonderful Holiday Season! 

San Carlos Elms Resident Family Members Shares her Gift of Music

Elizabeth Roper, daughter-in-law of Dwight, played the piano beautifully this week for our Residents.
It was a lovely gift to share with the Residents.
Thank you Elizabeth and Happy Holidays!

Carolers from Bay Life Community Church Visit San Carlos Elms

Monday, December 19, 2016
Bay Life Community Church sang wonderful holiday songs for our Residents.
They also made beautiful Christmas Trees for them too out of pine cones.
Thank you for your gift of songs and trees!!!


Little Explorers Petting Zoo Visits San Carlos Elms

The Little Explorer Petting Zoo is always fun to have in our community.
We want to make sure they have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Thank you for sharing all of your animals with us.

The Girl Scouts were happy to see the animals today.

Even though it was cold with a chance of rain; you couldn't stop Ruth from coming.

We are so thankful to the Little Explorer Petting Zoo for making everyone's afternoon fun!!!

Girl Scout Troop Visits San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Girl Scout  Troop caroled for our Residents.
They did a great job!!!
Thank you to the troop and parents for taking the time to come sing for us!!!
Thank you for the wonderful holiday cookies too.

The Residents enjoyed the cookies the Scouts brought for them. 
Here is just a sample of what the Troop sang for the Residents.

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