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Heather School 2nd Grade Class Visits San Carlos Elms

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
We had a special visit today from Heather School 2nd Grade Class.
One class entertained our Residents with five skits and read to the Residents after their performance.
This performance was Henny Pence.

This was a skit of Little Red Riding Hood.

Caroline enjoyed her book with the students.

Virginia listened carefully to the story.

Bob was happy to spend time with the students.
Then we had a separate group of 2nd Graders visit our Residents in our Memory Care Program. 
Ruth was interested in the story.

Joan was all smiles as a story was being read to her.

Manny was even showing a smile today for the students.

All of the Residents and Students had fun crafting and coloring together.
Thank you to Heather School for spending time with our Residents.
Thank you to the teachers for setting this wonderful morning up.
A special thank you to all the wonderful parents who took time to accompany the students to this event.

Karaoke Social at San Carlos Elms

Activity Department was happy to start Karaoke Night at San Carlos Elms
Ashley and Kathleen showed the Residents just how easy and fun it can be.
By the end of the hour all of the Residents sang a song or part of a song.
Ashley and Kathleen singing "My Girl"
Nellie and Dolores showed off their singing skills.

Hattie even enjoyed having the microphone for a couple songs.
Here is just a glimpse of our version of "Clementine"

San Carlos Elms has Fun Crafting with Lindsay

For crafts this week Lindsay showed the Residents how to create a snow scene in a clear ornament.
The Residents showed their creativity and imagination during this project.
Sue was happy to help anyone who wanted to participate.

Hattie was so excited with her beautiful ornament.

This was a well attended craft project.
Thank you Lindsay for always sharing your creativity with our Residents.
Looking forward to your next visit.

St. Charles Students Visit San Carlos Elms

Monday, December 5, 2016
This morning we had a wonderful turn out for our St. Charles Kindergarten class.
They sang holiday songs, recited 'The Night Before Christmas', and sang 'Happy Birthday' to one of our Residents Ray McHugh.
When they were done performing they spent a little time socializing with the Residents before they visited our Residents in our Memory Program.

Teresa & Nellie enjoyed their one on one time with the children.

Parents enjoyed capturing their children in front of our tree.
The Residents were so happy to see the students in the Memory Program too.
Thank you to all of the students who performed today, their teacher Danielle and all the parents who helped chaperone.
We look forward to your next visit.

San Carlos Children's Theater Performed at The Elms

San Carlos Children's Theater practiced their performance here at San Carlos Elms this past weekend.
They were wonderful performing to a full house of Residents.
We look forward to having them visit us again soon!
Thank you performers!!!

San Carlos Elms Enjoys Daisy Troop Caroling

Daisy Troop shared their vocal talent with our Residents this weekend.
They sang many holiday songs that some of our Residents joined in.
Thank you Daisy Troop for sharing your talent with us.

Even our house dog,  Curley got to perform.

Students Work on their ROPES Project at San Carlos Elms

ROPES is the Rite Of Passage ExperienceS program that is specifically designed as an optional enrichment activity as students complete a cycle of their education (early mastery, intermediate mastery, advanced mastery). ROPES is an opportunity for students to participate in an academic ritual by way of real-life learning experiences. The ROPES project gives students an opportunity to explore and demonstrate project based learning.
We have four students providing a "Piano Social" for our Residents. They perform some songs on the piano then they socialize with our Residents after they are done performing.
The Residents enjoyed their first performance this past weekend.
They performed in both our Assistant Living and our Memory Care Program.


San Carlos Elms Celebrates at Their Annual Holiday Party

Friday, December 2, 2016
Today we had a wonderful Holiday Party to kick of this Season.
We had great food, music, and a photo booth.
Please enjoy just a few of our captured moments on film.
The Irvine family enjoyed spend time with one of our newest families the Walkers.

The Price family enjoyed all the decorations.

Gloria, Nellie and her daughter Celeste had a delicious lunch with board member Nekaya.

Mintz family always enjoys a good party!

Pettengill family enjoyed being together today.

We enjoyed the sounds of Lyric Victorian Carolers.

They traveled from room to room around The Elms wishing everyone a Happy Holidays with their voices.

We also enjoyed our pictures with Flash photo.

Goggiano family was just one of many families and staff having fun with the photo booth.

All the staff enjoyed receiving her holiday gift from the Gift Fund Committee.

Thank you to all the family members for attending and making it a memorable occasion.
Thank you to the residents for brining your families to celebrate out annual Holiday Party.
A Special Thanks to Santa Clause, Jim who is one of our past Residents son, Dorothy Silva and Bobbi Santa's Elf.
Lastly thank you to ALL the staff for all your hard work and dedication to making this party run so smoothly. 
Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

San Carlos Elms Tree Trimming Social

Thursday, December 1, 2016
The Residents had so much fun decorating the tree.
We enjoyed eggnog, cookies and music while finding just the right ornaments to put on the tree.
Shirley was happy to put on one of the first ornaments.
Gloria was looking for just the right spot for her decoration.

Gloria was admiring all the different ornaments we have.

Peggy was helping George with his decoration on the tree.

We had Residents, putting hooks on the ornaments, putting them on the tree and a special audience of Residents telling us what spots we missed.

It was so much FUN!!!

Thank you to all who helped put our wonderful tree together for the Holidays.
Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!

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