The San Carlos Elms The Grove

Musical Entertainment

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
San Carlos Elms has a variety of musical guest.
On piano,
and exercising with the Residents.
San Francisco Banjo Band 
 They do a wonderful job of audience participation.
All the Residents join in on the songs.
Conrad on guitar has a fantastic voice!
on piano

She has a beautiful voice.
Thank you to ALL of our musical guest at San Carlos Elms and enriching our Residents lives!

Museum of San Carlos History

Monday, August 13, 2018
The Residents were happy to visit the Museum of San Carlos History.
Rigo and Dolores posing in front of the Engine One retired & restored 1927 Seagrave "Suburbanite".

Helen had a great time looking through all the history of San Carlos.

Evelyn loved going the history binders.

Bob loved taking in all the historical sites.

At 101 years young, Bob reminisced on some of the styles of clothing. 

Dolores loved the history of our local Astronaut, Rex J. Walheim.

Kent and Mary had fun watching some of the history.

Kent enjoyed taking in all the history of the museum.
Thank you to the staff and volunteers at The Museum of San Carlos History for such an educational afternoon.

San Carlos Adult Community Center

Friday, August 10, 2018
San Carlos Elms is happy to sponsor the monthly lunches at San Carlos Adult Community Center.
Thank you to our Friends of the A.C.C. and the staff at the Adult Community Center for a delicious lunch.

Anna from the A.C.C posing with Kathleen from San Carlos Elms.

Ana & Linda with the handsome soda jerk worked hard all afternoon!

The entertainment was fun!!
Guest enjoyed singing along with the Doo-Woop songs.

Staff enjoyed dancing and eating with the music. 

The decorations and food were amazing as always.
Thank you to the San Carlos Adult Community Center for hosting another monthly luncheon.

Some of Our Weekly Activities

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Our Residents have a variety of activities to participate in.
Below are just some of the activities we have had this past week.
Wii Bowling
Helen has been bowling for just about a month.

Tillie was happy to finally break the 200 mark on Wii Bowling.

Helen was all smiles when she broke the 200 mark after only bowling for a month.
Current Events
Carol is a dedicated volunteer who visit's our Residents weekly live from home in Rohnert Park to discuss Current Events.

The Residents enjoy her visit's and discussions.
George on Guitar 
George has a wonderful voice and the Residents always fill the room when he performs.

Thank you George!
Karaoke Night 
Dolores loves to sing doo wop songs.

The group loves to sing together.
Board Games 
The Residents love to play board games one of their favorites is Mexican Train.

Tillie had a lot of fun teaching Pat how to play.
Arts & Crafts 
Lindsay is another dedicated volunteer who comes in with a fun craft for our Residents.

This week she brought in cards for the Residents to make Zentangled style. 

Anita and Dolores were very creative with their cards.

Anita's work.

Dolores work.

Activities for August 2018

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bon Voyage Dinner Dance

Monday, July 30, 2018
We were honored to be guests of the Friends of the A.C.C. at their dance.
The Residents enjoyed their drinks on the patio before dinner.

Rigo and Dolores were happy to attend.

Hue and Marion were excited to go out to dinner.

The dinner dance was well attended.

Hue and Marion enjoyed meeting new people in the San Carlos Community.

They also enjoyed their time on the dance floor.

Marion and Dolores enjoyed their time dancing too.

Dolores was showing off her moves on the dance floor.
Thank you to the staff of the San Carlos Adult Community Center and the Friends of the A.C.C. for inviting us and throwing such a fun dinner dance. 

Gardening Time

The Residents work hard to make sure our garden is beautiful.
Russ planting some more flowers for our garden.

Virginia working hard too in the garden.

Barbara getting herself ready to plant our newest rose bush.
Thank you to all the Residents for making our garden so wonderful.

Music & Motion

Thanks to our Friends of the A.C.C. our Residents enjoyed an afternoon of exercising their bodies and minds.
Listening to songs of the past they would move their bodies in dance and guess the songs title and performers. 

Thank you,  Friend of the A.C.C. for introducing Music and Motion to our community.
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