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Local Troops Visit San Carlos Elms

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
We had Troop 62286, Troop 62074, Troop 62553, and Troop 62823  Caroling this week at San Carlos Elms in both our Assisted and Memory Program. Thank you to all the Daisy's, Brownies, and Girl Scout Troops that took time to learn all the holiday songs.
Thank you to all the parents that took time to drive and support all the troops.
Hope to do it again soon.

San Carlos Elms Holiday Boutique

Monday, December 11, 2017
Thanks to Shellies Mania and Dona's Hallmark Shop on Laurel St. in San Carlos our Residents, Families, and Staff were able to pick out some amazing items to give to their loved ones during this holiday season.
Everyone took their time to find just the right gifts for their families or a little present for themselves.

Thank you Shellies Mania and Dona's Hallmark Shop for starting our holiday season on such a great note!

Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms

Friday, December 8, 2017
San Carlos Elms had their Holiday party today.
The Residents, Families, and Staff had a fun filled day.
We had live music, from Yelena, Tibor, and Madeline. Also, we had Flash Photo Booth, face painting fairy and Marilyn Monroe Santa.
Lastly, we had amazing food and drinks.
We hope you all had as much fun as we did.





Tree Trimming Social at San Carlos Elms

Thursday, December 7, 2017
We are getting ready for our Holiday Party tomorrow and what better way, than to decorate a tree.
All the Residents helped by putting hooks or hanging the ornaments.
Some Residents pointed out where we needed the ornaments.
The Residents enjoyed eggnog, cookies and holiday music while decorating the tree this afternoon.
The Tree Trimming Committee

 Gloria was a big help this afternoon.
Volunteer, Lindsay was a great help with the higher ornament hanging.
Shirley always makes sure she hangs at least one ornament.

Dolores and Helen working hard on making sure their are no vacant spots in the tree.

Dolores and Sue working hard to find just the right ornaments.
Bernella at 101 years young wanted to help put ornaments on the tree.

Sue and Gloria hard at work.

Gloria finding just the right spot for her ornament.

Activity Director, Kathleen helped with some of the higher locations.
Thank you to all the Residents and Volunteers who helped this afternoon it was a lot of fun!

Girl Scout Troop Caroling at San Carlos Elms

A Girl Scout Troop came to Carol and hand out cookies in both the Assistant Living and our Memory Care Program.
Our Residents enjoyed their singing, playing their instruments and visiting with the Troop.
Caroling in our Assistant Living. 
Our Residents enjoyed singing some of the songs with them.

Visiting with Residents in our Memory Care Program.
George loves cookies.

 Ruth looking for just the right one.
Anne and Fran enjoyed their cookies.

Bob enjoying seeing the troop and eating their cookies.
Thank you to the troop for your visit.
Thank you to all the parents who drove and took time to be here during this special visit.

4H Back at San Carlos Elms

We are so happy to have the 4H back again at San Carlos Elms. They have volunteered at San Carlos Elms for years sharing their talents and gifts with our Residents.
This visit they shared their arts and crafts talent with our Residents.
They made beautiful holiday trees with candle sticks as the base.
Some of our Residents were lucky to play games with our visitors.
 Emily enjoyed her time with her helper and making a tree.

 Caroline enjoyed the extra hands helping her with her project.

Many Residents came to enjoy all the different things going on in the Resident Lounge.

Anita even enjoyed learning a little bit more on chess.
Thank you to our 4H group we look forward to your next visit!

San Carlos Elms Indulged in Chocolate Tasting

Friday, December 1, 2017
Pauline Cheung visited us today with her chocolate cart.
She introduced us to the Chocolate Experience.
We had chocolate dips, chocolate martini's, chocolate rounds, meatballs with different chocolate sauces on them and chocolate balsamic.
Residents enjoyed the chocolate.

Marggie, Betty, Sue and Bud enjoyed the chocolate martini's the best.

Marggie was one of two raffle prize winners. She won a s'mores  truffle.
Thank you for the experience Pauline.
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