Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Volunteer Recognition Day

 We have missed seeing our volunteers in person this past year. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for all of the creative ways they have shared their talent with us during this time. All of our Residents have enjoyed your talents; cards, gifts, music, virtual concerts, Zooming current events, Zooming spiritually and virtual pet sharing.

We could have not made it through this without all your hard work and dedication.

Today we shared this virtual concert presented by Aragon High School where are Residents could watch in their apartments or like Bill below wanted to see on the big T.V. in our Recreation Room. 

This is just a sample of what wonderful volunteers we have in our local community. 
 Thank you again volunteers for all of your contributions. We are grateful for your commitment you have all shared during this time!!!

Friday, April 16, 2021

This Week's Activities with Our Volunteers

We were so happy to have Rev. Sue Ann from Spirit Care Ministry back Zooming with us.

Some Residents were in attendance, others were able to see Sue Ann later in their apartments from the recording of her spiritual visit.
Current Events is still going strong with our devoted volunteer Carol Zooming from Rohnert Park.
Sue loves to discuss politics with Carol.

While Caroline shares stories of her family growing up.

We also had the Silicon Valley Cyber Leos Club send us a virtual performance that we upload to each Residents apartments.

Thank you to all of of amazingly, fantastic and devoted volunteers for sharing their time and talents with our Residents. You are all appreciated!!!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Root Beer Floats

 Opening Day at Oracle Park for our San Francisco Giants!

The Residents enjoyed watching the game while the staff had fun delivering their afternoon root beer floats.

Congratulations to our favorite team on their first home game win!

Thank you to all of our fantastic care team for helping deliver all of the root beer floats!

Talk about TEAM WORK!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Easter Time at San Carlos Elms

We had some fun delivering treats to each apartment this Easter. 

A special thanks to the Lions Club for making each resident an Easter card.

Activity Assistant Yvette, did a fantastic job as the Easter Bunny this year. 

She made her way through the Assistant Living and hopped her way to the Memory Care too.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Activities Caught on Camera This Week

 Residents are excited to be back in the dining room and enjoying some activities with their friends too.

We are also happy to have Amparo back styling hair. 

Joan was so happy to have Amparo back. She sat back read her paper and her weekly prayers from Rev. Sue Ann from Spirit Care.
Bill was so excited to bowl a 216 this week.

Tillie was proud of her 182 too!

Helen was receiving some great books to look at from her Current Events discussion with our fabulous volunteer Carol!

Monthly Updates with Sydney

 Sydney is a Sophomore volunteer from Carlmont High School. This is Sydney's third month delivering a gift to some of our residents, with a monthly booklet with fun facts about the month. Thank you, Sydney, for all your hard work and dedication during this time.

From the pictures below you can see how much Sydney's hard work is appreciated.

Thank you Sydney for starting our Easter weekend with a smile.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring Cards for Our Residents

 Special thanks to Harvard G.S.A.S (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and San Carlos Adult Community Center for creating such beautiful cards for us to share with our Residents. It really put a smile on their faces. They enjoyed decorating their shelves with your cards.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Congratulations San Carlos Elms

 Dawn from Kindred Hospice wanted to congratulate San Carlos Elms on their award from Bay Area Parent for being recognized as the Best Senior Assisted Living in the Peninsula.

Today Dawn dropped off individually wrapped cookies for all our hardworking and dedicated staff.

Kindred Hospice has been very supportive for all our residents & staff during this time. They have shared coloring books, word searches, popcorn, crayons, cookies, hand sanitizer, lotion and pens.

Thank you Dawn and Kindred Hospice for recognizing us during this time.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Memory Program Activities

 We would like to share some of the activities that our residents in our Memory Program partake in, please enjoy! 

We encourage all of our Residents to showcase their humor during this time.

Volunteer Recognition Day

 We have missed seeing our volunteers in person this past year. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for all of the creative ways ...