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Lunch Out on the Front Patio at San Carlos Elms

Friday, June 23, 2017
We had such a beautiful day out on the patio for lunch today.
We ordered pizza from Nino's.
All of us had so much fun enjoying the weather and each other's company.
Thank you to everyone who attended!
Look forward to doing it again.

 Gloria invited her son to join her.
 Anita was so happy to have her salad and pizza!
 Shirley wanted to make sure her daughters know how much she is enjoying pizza again.
Shirley always enjoys eating with her friends.

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Summer!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
San Carlos Elms had a wonderful treat today!
We started off the Summer for our Residents, Family, and Staff with a Mister Softee visit and everyone was offered an ice-cream cone. Some also received milkshakes or sundae's.
We were happy to have some of our friends from the San Carlos Adult Community Center stop by for a cone too.
Thank you Mister Softee for making this a great way to start off our Summer.
We look forward to having you back again soon!!!
 Nancy was happy to pick up an ice-cream cone for her dad.
 Some Resident's waited out in the beautiful weather today for Mister Softee's arrival.
 A line formed quickly!!!
 Muriel was happy to be one of the first customers in line.
 Bud is hoping that this becomes a monthly activity.
 Peggy was so happy with her ice-cream cone.
 Ana, Special Care Coordinator was happy to bring Resident's down from our Memory Care Program to enjoy this wonderful day. Merle was all smiles with her ice-cream cone.
 Nellie was so happy with her chocolate covered ice-cream cone.
 Activity Assistant, Ashley was happy to help Virginia with her ice-cream cone.
 Virginia was so happy to be out with her friends and enjoying an ice-cream cone.
 Helen & Henry had fun selecting their cones.
  Gloria & Dolores were all smiles with their chocolate covered ice-cream cones.
 At 102 years of age, Loraine still loves her ice-cream cone.
The staff and their families had a great time celebrating the first day of Summer!!
Thanks again to Mister Softee for making this such a fun day!!!
Thank you to all the staff who helped all of the Residents!!!

Congratulations Warriors!!! San Carlos Elms Thanks You!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
San Carlos Elms would like to Thank the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers for a great Championship series!!
We were happy with the outcome here at San Carlos Elms and we look forward to doing it again next year!!!
Activity Director, Kathleen, Dolores and Activity Assistant, Ashley show off their team spirit!
 Emily and Gloria enjoyed watching the game.
A lot of Residents enjoyed watching the game together and cheering on the Warriors.
 Kathleen and Dolores tried to get the Residents excited when the Warriors went on a 22-2 run.


San Carlos Elms Residents Enjoy an Afternoon at Fort Funston

Monday, June 12, 2017
The Residents had a wonderful time at Fort Funston!
They walked all around and had fun watching the hang gliders.
Please enjoy all the photos taken on their trip.
Dolores, Rigo, Hershel, and Shelia enjoyed every minute of this trip out. 

 Dolores and Shelia thanked Activities Assistant, Ashley for taking them to Fort Funston.

They all enjoyed seeing the hang gliders taking off and landing.
They were so amazed on how they know just where to go.

San Carlos Elms Celebrates 21 Years Today!

Friday, June 9, 2017
We can hardly believe it! We have had our doors open now for 21 years, providing excellence in care and services to our Residents. Today we celebrated with our Residents, their families, our staff and their families. We had a beautiful and breezy day.

Live music, fun decorations, drinks and wonderfully cooked food. It was a perfect way to mark this occasion.

Thank you for all who joined us today.

Enjoy the pictures below.
 Setting up before a celebration like this is fun.
 The staff were all smiles preparing for the party.

 Shirley toasting to another great year.
 Gioia was so happy to sit with Dan and Terry.
 Betty was happy to sit with her friends. Muriel, Carol, Sue and her Son-in-Law, Roger.
 Julie was happy to have a nice lunch on the patio with her dad, Bill.
 Thank you Derek Smith for playing the steel drum for the party. Everyone enjoyed it!
Gordon with his son, Gordon and granddaughter.

 Shirley's family enjoyed the food.
 This was Bert's first party at The Elms and I think he had a good time.
 Becky always has fun with her family.

Caroline's family was all smiles today at the party!
We look forward to having Cliff's band, Shades of Gray back at The Elms soon.

George got a great laugh at Activity Director, Kathleen who was all dressed up for the occasion.

 The Health Care staff showed their spirits by matching the décor of the party.
The Kitchen staff always has a good time when they get together.
Thank you all so much for all your help today.
Here's to another FANTASTIC year!!!!

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Troop 61789 Working on their Silver Star Award

Thursday, June 8, 2017

   Girl Scout Troop 61789, Kaitlin, Rachel, Sophia, and Luci came to the Elms to present on how to use: Yelp, Skype, Facetime, Uber, and Lyft.  Each Resident brought their device with them as the Girl Scout Troop explained how to use them.
The Troop will follow up this lecture on June 22nd and on June 30th with any additional questions. They will provide helpful and detailed instruction manuals that cover what was discussed in our initial seminar.


Thank you Troop 61789! We look forward to your next visit on June 22nd.
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