Friday, October 4, 2019

Residents Staying Active and Having Fun

Art Visit and Presentation
Jan Pitcher came in and gave a wonderful presentation to our Residents on Primates. 

 She spoke to our Residents and showed them some of her amazing art work.

 The Residents enjoy Jan's visit.

Rabbi Corey Visit
 Rabbi Corey came in to talk to all of our Residents about the Rosh Hashanah.

 All of our Residents learned so much about the Jewish culture.
Thank you Rabbi Corey for coming in to educate all of our Residents.

Word Games
 Activity Assistant, Annabelle lead one of our favorite activities word challenge.

The Residents try to come up with as many words in a word or phase that is provided for them.

Music & Motion
 Allen comes in every month, thanks to our friends at the A.C.C. to lead an exercise accompanied by music.

 Conrad on Guitar
 Conrad has a wonderful voice.

Wii Bowling
 We have some serious competition when it comes to our Wii Bowlers.

 We have some great bowlers and fantastic fans!!!

Karaoke Time
 We have a great group of Residents who get together and sing.

Arts and Crafts
 Lindsay is one of our dedicated volunteers who always prepares a fun craft project for our Residents.

Ken on Saxophone 
 The Residents welcomed Ken to our Community.
We are looking forward having him back for some more Jazz.

Jerry on Poetry
 We welcomed newest volunteer Jerry to discuss Haiku Poetry with our Residents. 

Thank you Jerry!

Good Bye Ashley
 Ashley has worked at San Carlos Elms for the past four years. 
Two of those years as Activity Assistant.

 The Residents wanted to make sure we sent her off with nothing but love and warm wishes.

 Ashley wanted one toast with the Residents before she left for London.

Good Luck Ashley in all your future endeavors. 
Thank you for all of the wonderful memories.
See you in February!!!

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