Monday, November 25, 2019

Activities in Our Memory Care

Arts & Crafts
During the month of November we had many different craft projects.


 and decorating frames.

 The Residents have fun with each visit from MoBricks.

 They create and social while creating their Lego world.

 Mercedes loves that Marilyn likes to help her find the pieces she wants.

 Linda is having fun with this new activity.

 We were happy to see Bob join in with everyone.

Even Manfred got into building his own city. 

Scott on Guitar
 The Residents enjoy Scott's music and Marilyn loves to dance to his music.

 Happy Birthday Curley
 We were happy to celebrate Curley's 14th birthday this month.

 To each Resident, he is their dog.
 He loves each of them right back.

 They were happy to celebrate his birthday.

 Marilyn and Anne got dressed up for the occasion. 

 Curley received extra love today from everyone.

 They all sang happy birthday to him.

 Ismary did a great job putting the party together.

 We made sure Curley has a little bit of his cake.

We all think Curley had a good time.

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Activities Begining Slowly

*We may have to change activities again depending on how things develop throughout the state.