Friday, November 1, 2019

Hope Your Halloween was Fun!

We had a fantastic and fun filled Halloween day here at San Carlos Elms.
Let's walk you through our day.

Arbor Bay School Visit 
 The students from Arbor Bay School visited our Assistant Living.
Their music teacher Chris provided great music for our Residents to kick of our Halloween morning.

I don't think their was an empty seat in the house.

The songs were so great, the Residents sitting up close had the best interactive seats.

The students even made Halloween card for every Resident in The Elms, Assistant Living and Memory.
They even made individual birthday cards for our Residents celebrating on or close to Halloween.


Before going back to school each student received a Halloween bag that were all made by the Residents last week.

Thank you Arbor Bay school, especially Susan who help make this visit possible and  music teacher Chris.
Thank you to all the teachers, students, parents and volunteers who made this morning special.

Children's Place

The youngsters from Children's Place came in to visit and color with our Residents in our Memory Care Program.

 Vijia made a lot of new friends.

Linda kept Curley calm while all of the kids were visiting.

Nothing but smiles seen around the memory program during their visit.
Thank you to all of the teachers, students, parents and volunteers who made this visit possible.

 Don't worry we made sure the Children's Place received their treats too.

The Residents, staff and families enjoyed seeing all of the costumes.

Music Discussion with Doc Lamott
We were honored to have Doc. Lamott come in on Halloween with the topic "Danse Macabre: Ghouls, Ghost and the Supernatural in Music".
Thank you Doc for coming in costume. All of the Residents in attendance enjoyed

Thank you Doc. Lamott for a wonderfully prepared Halloween program for our Resident. See you soon!

Memory Care Halloween Party & Bingo
Carol had fun borrowing Ismary's costume.

Bill and Vija smile for the camera.

Bill and Marilyn pose for the camera.

Marilyn had fun dancing too.

Angelina and Marilyn loved their treats and drinks.


Now that the party was completes it was time for some BINGO.

Mercedes was enjoying her card from the Arbor Bay students.

Carol is ready to play.

Marilyn is keeping an eye on Angelina's cards.

Halloween Party in Assistant Living 

Residents were ready to party and have a good time.

Helene, Nellie, Sheilia and Hershel enjoyed socializing.

Stewart posed with his Bingo buddy Fred

Everyone had a great time.

Connie with niece Gretchen. 
Connie tied for best costume.

Joyce wanted a picture with the other best costume worn by our 102 year youngster at heart Bob.

Mary Joe had a fun costume.
Dolores, Kathleen and Gloria smile for the camera.


Dorothy and Albert enjoyed their first party at The Elms.
They enjoyed sitting with their new friend Connie.

Thank you to ALL of the staff that made this day fun and enjoyable especially those who dressed up for the day!
A special thanks to Ismary, Activity Leader in the Memory Program, Kathleen, Activity Director and new Activity Assistant Annabelle for making the day run so smoothly.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

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