Thursday, March 11, 2010

Financial Options for Retirement Living

When you are contemplating moving to a retirement community, it’s always best to weigh all of your possible financial options. Even though today’s economic climate presents its fair share of challenges, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it really is to make the move to retirement living.

With so much information out there, it’s often difficult to know where to look to find helpful resources. To help make your research easier, we have compiled a listing of valuable links, Web sites and resources below:

Veterans Aid & Attendance Program
This program can be utilized by eligible veterans, their surviving spouses or couples. Often overlooked by older adults who served in our military, this program can serve as a valuable source of funds for retirement living. The Aid and Attendance Program is provided through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Learn more at:

ElderLife Financial Services
ElderLife is a viable option for older adults who may need some financial help as they transition into retirement living. With low monthly payments, this program provides loans to older adults and their families waiting for homes to sell or for long-term care insurance or other benefits to kick in. Learn more at:

Life Care Funding
The Life Care Funding Group provides additional financial options for older adults and their families. Through this method, funds for retirement living become available through a life settlement. This Life Settlement Program sells an in force life insurance policy on behalf of the policy owner for an amount greater than the cash value and less than the policy’s final payment benefit.

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