Friday, February 14, 2014

San Carlos Elms Goes Out Dancing Valentine's Night

Tonight was such a fun night for the Residents who decided to go out dancing. Their was live music, food, wine and plenty of conversations.
Thank you San Carlos Adult Community Center for putting it on it was such a great turn out! We are all looking forward to your next event.

San Carlos Elms Celebrates Valentine's Day

Well, it's safe to say it, we like to have fun. No matter what we are celebrating.
We had a Valentine's Day Party today that just did not want to end. The Residents are going to have a fabulous meal tonight and after dinner we are going dancing.
I think we are all going to be sleeping in tomorrow.
Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy our pictures below.

George and Estelle married 65 years. 

 Jim & Mabel married 66 years.

Don & Margie.

Edmund & Renate married 66 years.

 The Residents all enjoying themselves at the party.

 Lucille & Carla laughing at Kathleen's dance move. (no picture available)
Vija, Ray & Bernella all tossing to a Happy Valentines Day.

 Jim & Mabel enjoying some time with their friends.

 Nellie & Shirley are enjoying the treats at the party.
Nellie was practicing her dance move she was going to do at the Adult Community Center.
Happy Valentine's Day!

San Carlos Elms Memory Program Celebrates Valentine's Day

Becky seems to be enjoying herself.

Ann and Shirley want to invite you for a drink.

The party keeps going as long as their is enough cider and treats to go around.

I hope Joanne shared.

Philip looks like he really had a good time.

Ann wishes you and yours a happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brownie Troop Visit's San Carlos Elms

The Brownie Troop from Arundel School came by yesterday afternoon to sing to our residents and give all of them cookies. They first went around the room telling everyone their name and sharing their favorite color and asked the Residents to do the same, what was great is everyone participated.
The girls sang happy birthday twice once for Claire and the other for George.
Then, they sang "You are my Sunshine", Make New Friends", and "If Your Happy and You Know It". All the Residents participated in singing.
Finally, we all enjoyed a cookie to end a fun visit and hope to see them soon. 

Thank you Brownie Troop. Also Thank you to the mom's for all your support too!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Volunteer Birthday Celebrations in our Memory Program

Claire and George are two of our "mature" volunteers. If you add their ages together you would get 197years. Claire donates some of her time playing the piano to our resident in the Memory Program on Wednesday afternoons. George volunteers his time painting picture for the residents that he shares and displays throughout The Elms.
Happy Birthday Claire and George!
You are an inspiration to us all!!!

Claire visit's her friends June and Dorothy every Wednesday and has lunch with them in The Elms before she plays the piano. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

San Carlos Elms Celebrates 100th Birthday Today

Today we celebrated Ann Rugge's 100th Birthday in our Memory Program. When Ann's family celebrates a birthday they go all out. The entire family was here to wish Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma, or friend Ann a happy Birthday. We celebrated with strawberry cake, flowers and Ann's family invited the Little Explore Petting Zoo to come. It was a fun and exciting afternoon!
Happy 100th Birthday Ann!

Ann blowing out her candles.

Ann cutting the first piece of cake.

Residents all gathered around the animals to see who came for a visit.

Billie enjoyed the baby goat.

Becky gave the rabbit a little kiss.

This little goat took a nap in Margot's lap.

Irene couldn't pick her favorite. They were all too cute.

Mary giving the fluffy bunny a kiss.

Doris petting the baby bird.

Carol holding a lamb bigger than her and enjoying every minute.

Ann asking the question, Come on who is cuter me or the goat?

Philip and Ann enjoying the bunny.

Lida wants to look, but not touch.

Ann enjoying the card her friends made for her.

Estelle and George came for a visit, this is bringing back good memories.
 Thank you Little Explore Petting Zoo for making the 100th birthday so special!

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.