Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Let's Take a Look Inside Our Memory Program

Sue, a Resident volunteer helps Manfred with his Lego creation.

 Patty, from Mo'Brickz, our Lego expert helps Don with his Legos.

 Carol loves all of the different shapes to work with.

 Angelina and Bob were helping one another out on their pieces.

 Manfred & Mercedes enjoyed working with their Legos.

 Don was concentrating on his project.

Arts & Crafts
 Angelina helped get all of the supplies organized.

 Marilyn loves to work on crafts.

 Anne was helping her new friend Linda with her Bingo cards.

 Manfred & Angelina love a good game of Bingo.

Memories in the Making
 Linda was enjoying painting during memories in the making.

 Angelina was all smiles while she painted.

Little Explorers Petting Zoo
 Marilyn loves it when the animals visit.

 Frances enjoyed her time with the animals close up.

 The Alpaca even smiled for the camera.
Thank you Little Explorer Petting Zoo for another great visit! 

Thanks to our wonderful performer Jerry Residents enjoyed dancing and singing.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Staying Active is Important

Trunk Show
The Residents enjoyed Jackie Jones collections of items she brought to show and sell. 

 The jewelry was beautiful.

 The clothes were gorgeous.

 Joyce loves jewelry, next visit maybe we will have more. 

 Linda had fun trying on necklaces.

 Pat had a hard time choosing between two necklaces, but she finally picked one. 

History and Art
 Linda Janklow from Peopleologie came in with a fascinating topic on color and dyeing.

 After the history background the Residents who wanted too made some of their own artwork.

 Each one came out unique.
Thank you Linda for an enjoyable afternoon.

Current Events
 We were all happy to have Carol back!
Carol is a volunteer from Rohnert Park who visits our Resident weekly to discuss what is going on in the world.

Getting Ready for Halloween
 The Residents were hard at work bagging goodies for all of our Trick or Tr-eaters who will visit us on Halloween.

 They were all happy to help.

 They all knew after they were done they would receive their apple cider and sweet treat.

 This was Stewart's first time helping and he had so much fun.

 It was a fun social activity for all the Residents in attendance.

Bingo Time
 Bingo is one of our most popular activities.

 The Residents enjoy the different styles of cards to play with, the screens to keep up with the numbers that are called, socializing with their friends and of course the prizes.

Music and Motion
 Each month the Residents enjoy a special treat from the Friends of the A.C.C. 
They exercise accompanied by music they all know and love.

Thank you to all of our friends at San Carlos Adult Community Center.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Residents had a Fun Week

 Mayor Visit
Mayor, Mark Olbert visits our Residents once a month to keep them informed about what is going on in San Carlos.

 The Residents appreciate the time Mark takes out of his schedule to be with them.

 He always has a packed room.
Thank you Mayor!

Informal Song Worship
 Every month the Resident of all denominations get together to sing songs of worship.

Pastor Dan from Hope Lutheran Church welcomes any Resident who would like to sing hymns.

Darwin on Literature
 Each month Darwin provides a great lecture for our Residents.

 Darwin understands not all of our Residents will read the book before his lecture, so he always provides a movie to coincide with his lecture.

Petting Zoo Visit
 Connie was so excited to spend time with her new friend "Carrot".

Handler Emily, from the Little Explorers Petting Zoo introduced Connie to brother Merlin.

 Virginia was explaining how sheep are sheered and their wool is used for clothes and other things.

 Connie introduced Carrot to Linda.

 Linda enjoyed her time with the pig.

 Stewart was reminiscing on the times he had chickens and a skunk.

 Helen loved holding onto her new friend, Merlin.

 Anita had fun too.

Tish never misses a day with the Little Explorers Petting Zoo.
Thank you for your visit and we look forward to your next one!

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.