Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Still Going Strong at San Carlos Elms

We had a fantastic Halloween Party this afternoon filled with music, treats, and games.

Ludmilla scared the receptionist at the front desk with her costume.

Mabel had us questioning, do pigs really wear blankets?

Nellie was happy to win the spider target game today with a score of 130 points! Nellie got one of the spiders right on the target, way to go!
Congratulations to all who participated. Henry, Nellie, and Karen you all did a great job!
Dorothy said she had to leave the party she had too much fun.

Some of the staff got into the spirit as well,
Raul, Kathleen, Ana, and June,
Happy Halloween from San Carlos Elms!

Happy Halloween From San Carlos Elms

Brittan Acres has been celebrating Halloween with San Carlos Elms for the past 18 year and we would like to thank them so much for getting our Halloween started off on the right foot.
The students sang to the residents, performed on the piano and violin, then they read individual to the residents it was a perfect morning.
Now, we are look forward to our Halloween Party!
Hope to see you there.

Thank you to Heidi, her daughter Sarah, the students at Brittan Acres and all the parents to take time out of your day to bring so many wonderful smiles to our residents today.
Thank you!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

San Carlos Elms Residents Prepare for their Trick or Treaters

Each year the residents assemble trick or treat bags for our visitors on Halloween night. We had a lot of fun socializing and fun assembling the goody bags. While the residents were busy creating they were treated themselves to hot apple cider and a pastry.
Irene, Carolyn, and Betty were some of the first residents to start.

Then many joined in, thankfully we had a volunteer to help.

Joan had fun.

So did Beth.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's See What San Carlos Elms Memory Program has been up to

Fran, Ann, JoAnn, and Lida love their exercise!

Emmie is enjoying one on one time with a volunteer.

Mary is also enjoying her time with her volunteer.

We are lucky to live in a community that has so many young students looking to volunteer with seniors. We all benefit from this experience.

Ann, Carol Mae and Lillian are concentrating on their art work.

Ann and JoAnn are creating something beautiful.

Fran & Carol Mae love to paint.

Lida enjoys helping out with snacks.

Friday, October 18, 2013

San Carlos Elms Enjoys a Night Out on the Town

Last night was a perfect evening for a walk down to Laurel St. for a little bit of shopping, fresh air and dinner out. We all had a great time looking at all the shops on Laurel St. looking for just the right costume for Halloween.
Then to finish the night we went to a local restaurant on Laurel St. and we had a fantastic time! Laughing and getting to know new people that had just moved in, it was a wonderful experience.
Merel tried on a couple items, but she enjoyed this one the most.

Dorothy was trying to get Boris to give her a bite of his dessert,
but Boris enjoyed the entire dessert that his wife Irene has surprised him with.

Don had a great evening, he even carried my purse home for me. What a gentleman.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

San Carlos Elms Goes Shopping

Shirley and Kathleen had fun shopping at Target. They were getting into the Halloween Spirit. Looking forward to our party on Halloween.

Monday, October 7, 2013

San Carlos Elms Family & Caregiver Support Group for October 2013

Memory Care

The Memory Care Support Group will be
October 9th @ 12:30 in the Grove Family Room.
Support Groups will be held on the second Wednesday of every month
 following the Get Together Lunch.
RSVP~June #650-595-1500 or jwider
Licensce #4156000135

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.