Friday, February 28, 2020

A Glimpse Inside Our Memory Care Program

Memories in the Making
Bob working on his blue jays.

 Angelina concentrating on her painting.

 Vija looking for just the right colors.

Marilyn and Bob having fun with the ribbons.

 So are Bill and Vija

 Noodle balloon exercise.

Mardi Gras
 Bill and Vija cheers.

Angelina and Bob raise their glasses.

 So does Marilyn.

 Sue visits her friend Bob during Lego time.

 The Residents love to create.

Valentines Day
 Angelina and Mercedes love to joke around.

 Frances and Marilyn toast to a great Valentines Day.

 Vija and Bill smile for the camera.

Activities for March 2020

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Celebrating Terry's 100th Birthday

 We were happy to celebrate Terry's 100th birthday with his family and friends.
Terry's family and friends were in attendance to welcome him to the Centenarian Club.
 Terry's birthday happened to fall on Mardi Gras, so we went with that as our theme.

Everyone sang happy birthday and we were so happy that he blew out his own candles.

 Florence was happy to cheer Terry.

 Jeanette loved the decorations.

 Margarita found a mask that matched her outfit perfectly.

 Anita had a great time.

 Shirley had fun with her friends.

 Stewart loved getting into the spirit of the party.

 Thank you to Sheila and Annabelle who took all the photos at the party.

 Tillie, Virginia and Peggy had a great time.

 Helen, Florence and Fina are always camera ready.

 DZ enjoyed all of the decorations.

Velma came down for the party too and liked the masks.
Thank you to everyone who attended Terry's 100th birthday.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Having Fun in Activities

Lunch Outing to IHOP
John and Barbara enjoyed both breakfast and lunch.

 Sue loves her chicken crepe. 

 Muriel enjoys her fruit crepe.

 Alyce poses with our driver Auggie. 

Petting Zoo Visit
 Little Explorers Petting Zoo always brings wonderful animals for the Residents to enjoy.
Caroline loves the bunnies.

 Linda had fun with all the animals.

Frances first time with the animals here at The Elms and she had a great time!

 She even went in for a closer look.

Connie loves looking at all of the animals, but was grateful for the staff bringing her a bunny to hold.

 We all had a great laugh when the chicken was riding the goat.

Literature w/ Darwin
 Darwin comes in monthly to discuss literature with our Residents.

Current Events
 Carol and her guest speaker Bill video chatted with our Residents to discuss all of the latest news.

The San Mateo Folk Music Sing-a-Long Meetup Group
 They performed and had our residents singing along with some great songs.

 A local group came out to perform for our Residents.

Laughing Yoga
 It is always a fun time with our Laughter Yoga instructor Annie leading us!

 We don't know when the fake laugh starts and
the real begins.

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum