Monday, December 30, 2019

Bob Celebrates 103rd Birthday!

Bob was happy to have his family, friends and staff with him to celebrate his 103rd birthday!
We had a great time with music from Yelena on piano and Tibor on violin.
All of us wish Bob a happy birthday with some cake and drinks.
 The cake was delicious.

 Bob thanked everyone for attending his birthday.

 His family thanked everyone for coming too.

 Bob has a lot of friends and admires here at San Carlos Elms.

 Bob walked the room to blow out the candles on his cake.

Four generations were in attendance and had a wonderful time meeting all of Bob's friends.
Bob smiled after his party and said he hopes we can do it again next year.
Thank you to everyone that celebrated this wonderful occasion!!!

January Activities for 2020

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Happy Holidays

San Carlos Elms had their Holiday Party.
Residents, Families, and Staff had a fun filled day.
We had live music, from Silver Bell Jazz Band, and Yelena & Tibor.
 We had fun characters, provided by staff and family volunteers spreading cheer.
Lastly, we had amazing food and drinks.
We hope everyone had a wonderful time.
Raul, director of environmental services as the snowman, Kathleen director of activities as the reindeer, Tina, Anna's daughter, Jim as Santa and Anna our holiday resident seated.

 Silver Bell Band put on a great show!



 We all hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Residents Keeping Busy This Holiday Season

Tree Trimming
Shirley was happy to help decorate the tree.

 Joyce was looking for just the right spot.

 Virginia couldn't believe all of the ornaments we had.

 Connie was very helpful.

 Sue made sure to get some on too.

 Even, 103 year young Bob was into the holiday spirit.

 Bob started handing out ornaments to everyone who came up to the ornament box.

 Florence enjoyed helping with the tree.

Joyce helped Bob with the ornaments too.

 Dolores has a special ornament she puts on the tree every year.

Our completed tree, for everyone to enjoy!

 Arts & Crafts
 Lindsay brought in a fun craft project for us.
The Residents made wreaths for their doors and for the Holiday Party.

Mary Joe was working hard on her wreath and Bob was keeping her company.

 The Residents were all smiles during this craft project.
Thank you Lindsay for all your help and dedication.

Maddaline on Piano
 The Residents fill up the room when Maddaline comes to perform for them.

 She has a beautiful voice.

Spirit Care Visit
 Spirit Care came in with a special performance for our Residents during the holidays.

 They had a lot of talented volunteers sharing their talent with us.

 After their performance they socialized with the Residents and handed out hot chocolate.

Banjo Performance
San Francisco Banjo Band came out to perform for our Residents.

 They had a great time!

Singing Group "After Eight Singers"
 Our Residents enjoyed a special caroling performance.

 One of our Residents daughters made this wonderful evening happen.

Holiday Boutique
 Connie enjoyed looking at the books.

 The Residents had fun picking out things for their friends, family and of course themselves.

 Joyce found a cute purse.

 Pat & Caroline had fun looking at all of the items.

 Sue wasn't sure if she wanted to keep the panda bear or donate it to the kids drive.

The Residents made sure they took time to look at everything on the tables.
Thank you to everyone who participated in all of these fun activities.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.