Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a Safe Halloween Night from San Carlos Elms

We had a GREAT Halloween Party at San Carlos Elms. Not only did we have sweets and costumes, but we were able to watch the ending of the San Francisco Giants Parade. Everyone was excited!!!

Then, after we were done with our Halloween Party we traveled on over to The Adult Community Center for  their Halloween Party. Wow, did we have fun for the residents that attended. 

We take Halloween a little serious, silly around here.

It was nice to see Elise and Robert at the Party.

Claire came to visit her friends. Dorothy is that you?

Philip enjoyed having his grand-kids visit for the party all dressed up. 

Then it was on to the Adult Community Center....

Claire and Kathleen took a shot at who can build your skeleton the fastest...

Claire did a great job and they came in first. 

Dorothy received a trophy for the "Silliest" Costume.

While, Karen received a trophy for the "Funniest" Costume.

The Residents that attend the Party at the Adult Community Center had a wonderful time.

Thank you to Anne in the middle and Super Linda for putting on a fabulous party as always. Looking forward to the next one.

Thank you to Hallmark on Laurel St. for donating some of the prizes that we used at both of our Halloween Parties. Everyone enjoyed them, Thank you!!!

Happy Halloween from San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Elms started their morning with a great treat from Heidi's class from Brittan Acres School. Heidi has been coming to The Elms with her class for the past seventeen years, Thank you Heidi.

Today the students brought their Halloween spirit in song, costumes and stories for our residents. Our residents also brought spirit in costume to the celebration this morning. We enjoyed singing, costumes, the parade, but most importantly the company of the students, Heidi, and her always supportive parents.

Thank you all again for visiting us. We will see you again in December, can't wait.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween at San Carlos Elms

The Residents were hard at work during their Social Tea Time, putting together some great treats for our visiting friends next Wednesday. We will have some Brittan Acres School children in the morning giving us a performance and parade. Then, with the left over goodies they made we will be handing them out to any trick-or-treater's that come to our door Halloween night.  

Thank you Carla, Rosalind, Barbara, Estelle, Irene, Alyce, Ruth, and Stella for all your hard work on putting the Halloween bags together. We know the kids will love them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What has San Carlos Elms Memory Program been up to this October

It has been a busy month for our Memory Program. They started the month by decorating their home.

Harold did a great job pumping up that pumpkin full of air.

Peggy and Lida were deciding what decorations they wanted in the kitchen area.

Lucille was helping Harold celebrate his accomplishment of getting the ghost and pumpkin blown up with out any help.

Billie is starting a painting during our memories in the making.

Lida is showing off one of her paintings.

Emmie loves to work with the color purple.

Carol is concentrating hard on her painting.

So is Doris.

Here is a group shot of how memories in the making takes place.

Group shot of Bingo. I wonder who will be the lucky winner today?

The group getting ready for their scenic drive.

Lida and Ismary having fun dancing to live music.

Doris and a few other residents having fun singing along with Conrad.

Emmie and Fiorella dancing along with some other staff and residents.

Harold really getting into his "craft".

Elisa showing off her nails that the staff did for her during manicure.

Carol is that a Strike?

Thank you for taking an activity walk through our memory care. Hope you enjoyed it. Come back soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Congratulation to Our San Francisco Giants from San Carlos Elms

We had such a great time watching the game today at The Elms in the Recreation Room. Some residents brought a bag lunch in to watch the game. It was awesome to see everyone that came into the building today sneak a peek at the game, it made it that much more enjoyable.

Thank you Giants for keeping our community together through baseball. We love every minute of the TORTURE, especially the 9th inning today.

                     Congratulations on being the first team in the NL to come back from 0-2 in NLDS.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.