Friday, August 23, 2019

Let's See What the Residents Have Been Doing

California Hearing Center Visit
Lais Ama a Hearing Aid Specialist, from California Hearing Center, came to discuss hearing, the importance of cleaning and getting devices check.

 The Residents were happy she came in and were excited to hear about the new devices coming out.

Ice Tea Social
 The weather being as hot as it has been lately we turned our social tea into a ice tea social.

 We all had a great time!

Wii Bowling
 Our Residents are getting so good at Wii Bowling.
One of our Residents came so close to a 300 game.
We will keep trying.

 It is fun to spend an afternoon with friends watching a good ballgame with a cold beverage and snacks.

Sprite Care Visit
 We had a wonderful group of volunteers from Menlo Church through Spirit Care perform for our Residents

 They also took the time to visit with our Residents afterwards.

 Residents enjoyed spending time with the group.

Wendell Performs
 Wendell not only plays the piano and sings he gets our Residents moving.

Karaoke Social
 The Residents enjoy getting together and singing some familiar songs.
They love to sing even if they do not have the microphone.

 The Residents love to play their games.
They even enjoy it more when the have volunteers like Marco joining them

Thank you Marco and Hershel thanks you too.

What Has The Memory Program Been Doing?

Anne, Vija and Marilyn all try their luck at Bingo.

Arts & Crafts
 Marilyn loves to create.

 Vija is enjoying new projects.

Get Together Meals
 Every month we welcome families to have a meal with their family members.
This also a time for our families to support one another.

Petting Zoo Visit
 Little Explorer Petting Zoo does such an amazing job with our Residents.

 Frances had fun with her furry friend.

 We even had a pig visit.

 Residents from our Assistant living were encouraged to visit the animals too.

 One of our newest volunteers, Marco enjoyed the animals with his new friend Barbara from our Assistant Living.

 Bob loves his furry friend.

 We were even able to get a smile out of Don.

 Angelina was all smiles and laughs with her new friend.

 Vija loved looking into her the bunnies eyes.

 Dina was happy to share this experience with her family.

 Barbara came in for a closer look.

Root Beer Float Social
 Vija and Bill enjoyed a float together during the hot weather.

 Betty was slurping until the final drop.

Anne was all smiles with her float.
Dancing with Marilyn
One of our Residents, Marilyn loves to dance.
She leads the dancing while encouraging all of our other Residents to join in.

Friday, August 9, 2019

August Days at The Elms

Music Discussion with Doc Lamott
 The Residents and some of their family members enjoy this monthly visit.
Thank you Doc. Lamott for enriching our Residents lives.
  Every visit Doc Lamott brings to our community a wonderful musical topic.

Root Beer Float Social
 Shirley, Florence, Helen and Joyce smile for the camera.

 Grace, Violet, Jeanette, and Caroline enjoy their floats.

Stewart enjoying a root beer float with his daughter's friend.

Lunch on the Patio
 We all had fun and had delicious burgers from In & Out.
Our Dietary team made some fantastic fries to go along with our burgers.

 John, Barbara and Barbara had fun socializing while enjoying their burgers.

 Angelina and Shirley had fun getting to know each other.

Helen helped pass out some fries.

George on Guitar
 George started out as a wonderful volunteer at San Carols Elms.

He was just too good not to hire!
The Residents love to listen to his voice. 
The Staff enjoy dancing to his music.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Elms Latest Activities

Bob & Bobbi Perform
 Bob & Bobbi are wonderful volunteers who come in to perform for our Residents.

 During their visit you can see Residents and Staff dancing in the Lobby.

Guest Speaker
 Care Indeed has a wonderful talk this month on Successful Communication.

 Residents and Staff enjoyed learning some new tools on communication.
 Thank you to Care Indeed for leading this event.

San Francisco Banjo Band
 The Residents enjoy to listen to the Banjos. 

 Especially from the San Francisco Banjo Band.

 Giselle, a college student from Mon Ami came in to perform some songs for our Residents.
 She even performed an original song.

Scenic Drive & Rest Stop
At San Carlos Elms we have weekly rides. On this particular ride we have a destination at the end.
This week the Residents had fun taking in the ocean air at Fort Funston.
Mary & Ana pose for the camera.

 Helen was enjoying the view.

 Virginia smiled for the camera with driver Victor.

 Helen and Virginia even made some friends.

Wine and Cheese Social
 Helen, Barbara, Linda and Bill cheers to new friends.

 Virginia enjoyed the cheese and cracker platter.

 Stewart shared some jokes with the group.

Afternoon Stroll
 Ashley takes the Residents out for an afternoon walk. 
Barbara and Helene smile for a selfie with Ashley.

 On their walk they ran into Mary Jo with her son Steve.

 The Residents work hard making the garden on the patio look nice.
Barbara and Marcella working hard.

 Ashley and Marcella getting the flowers just right.

Afternoon Games
 Pat and Jeannette had fun playing Connect Four.

 They had so much fun trying to figure out how to win.

Day out in the Sun!
Shirley, Jeannette, Helene and Joyce like to get their vitamin D.

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum