Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Elms Latest Activities

Bob & Bobbi Perform
 Bob & Bobbi are wonderful volunteers who come in to perform for our Residents.

 During their visit you can see Residents and Staff dancing in the Lobby.

Guest Speaker
 Care Indeed has a wonderful talk this month on Successful Communication.

 Residents and Staff enjoyed learning some new tools on communication.
 Thank you to Care Indeed for leading this event.

San Francisco Banjo Band
 The Residents enjoy to listen to the Banjos. 

 Especially from the San Francisco Banjo Band.

 Giselle, a college student from Mon Ami came in to perform some songs for our Residents.
 She even performed an original song.

Scenic Drive & Rest Stop
At San Carlos Elms we have weekly rides. On this particular ride we have a destination at the end.
This week the Residents had fun taking in the ocean air at Fort Funston.
Mary & Ana pose for the camera.

 Helen was enjoying the view.

 Virginia smiled for the camera with driver Victor.

 Helen and Virginia even made some friends.

Wine and Cheese Social
 Helen, Barbara, Linda and Bill cheers to new friends.

 Virginia enjoyed the cheese and cracker platter.

 Stewart shared some jokes with the group.

Afternoon Stroll
 Ashley takes the Residents out for an afternoon walk. 
Barbara and Helene smile for a selfie with Ashley.

 On their walk they ran into Mary Jo with her son Steve.

 The Residents work hard making the garden on the patio look nice.
Barbara and Marcella working hard.

 Ashley and Marcella getting the flowers just right.

Afternoon Games
 Pat and Jeannette had fun playing Connect Four.

 They had so much fun trying to figure out how to win.

Day out in the Sun!
Shirley, Jeannette, Helene and Joyce like to get their vitamin D.

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