Friday, August 23, 2019

What Has The Memory Program Been Doing?

Anne, Vija and Marilyn all try their luck at Bingo.

Arts & Crafts
 Marilyn loves to create.

 Vija is enjoying new projects.

Get Together Meals
 Every month we welcome families to have a meal with their family members.
This also a time for our families to support one another.

Petting Zoo Visit
 Little Explorer Petting Zoo does such an amazing job with our Residents.

 Frances had fun with her furry friend.

 We even had a pig visit.

 Residents from our Assistant living were encouraged to visit the animals too.

 One of our newest volunteers, Marco enjoyed the animals with his new friend Barbara from our Assistant Living.

 Bob loves his furry friend.

 We were even able to get a smile out of Don.

 Angelina was all smiles and laughs with her new friend.

 Vija loved looking into her the bunnies eyes.

 Dina was happy to share this experience with her family.

 Barbara came in for a closer look.

Root Beer Float Social
 Vija and Bill enjoyed a float together during the hot weather.

 Betty was slurping until the final drop.

Anne was all smiles with her float.
Dancing with Marilyn
One of our Residents, Marilyn loves to dance.
She leads the dancing while encouraging all of our other Residents to join in.

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