Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Let's See What The Elms Is Up To

Conrad on Guitar
Conrad packs it in when he performs. 
 The Residents love his voice.

Doc Lamott
 Doc Lamott comes in every month with a new music lecture for our Residents.
 The Residents enjoy his lectures and even more when he performs some samples on the piano.

Darwin on Literature
 Darwin comes in each month with a wonderful lecture on a book. 
The Residents appreciate that Darwin always provides a movie to coincide with his lecture.

Current Events with Carol
 Carol is one of our most dedicated volunteers. Moving away from San Carlos did not slow her down from coming in weekly to discuss Current Events.
 The Residents enjoy her intellect and views she shares with the group.

Wii Bowling
 We have a great group of Wii bowlers. 
We also have a terrific group of Wii bowler fans. They come down to cheer on all the bowlers and to reminisce on their bowling days.

San Mateo Senior Center Chorus
 The Residents enjoy listening and singing with the San Mateo Senior Center Chorus.

 We look forward to their next visit. Thank you all so much!

Easter Day
 Helen was so happy to find an egg during our Easter Egg Hunt.

 Mary was getting some help.

 Pat & Mary decided to work together to figure out the clues.

 Muriel found an egg, reaching ever so careful over Florence's head.

 Pat was happy with all the eggs she found.

Muriel and Barbara brought their eggs to the front desk to cash in their prizes.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

What is the Memory Care Program Up To?

Memories in the Making
 Memories in the Making (MiM) is a unique fine arts program for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia's that offers a creative and non-verbal way of communicating and capturing precious moments through art.
Barbara is enjoying painting her art work.

 Bill is doing a wonderful job with his horse painting,

 Anne loves to paint people.

Arts & Crafts
 The Residents had fun getting ready for the Easter holiday.
Marilyn loves to craft.

Bill enjoyed his bunny book he completed.

Volunteer Artwork
 Sevilla has volunteered at The Elms Memory Program for years. 
She created some artwork for our Residents to enjoy in our Memory Program.
Thank you Sevilla your artwork we will enjoy these for many years.

Petting Zoo Visit 
Thank you to Little Explores Petting Zoo for bringing all your wonderful animals and staff.
Our Residents, Staff, and Family Members look forward to each of your visits.
 Marilyn loves the animals.

 Evelyn is all smiles with the animals.

 Vija is enjoying her quiet time with her bunny pal.

 Tish and Tom came up to see the animals. Tish loves the chickens.

 Our house dog, Curley welcomed our fuzzy visitors.

 He was proud of himself.

 Bill gazed into his bunny's eyes.

 Alyce also came up for a visit with the animals.

Mary came out to see the animals too.

Thank you to the Little Explores Petting Zoo for another fantastic visit!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Evening Delight

Debussy's Piano Trio in G Major
 Sequoia High School Students Ilan, Sam and Erica prepared an evening concert for our Residents.

The Residents enjoyed the whole performance.

Thank you Ilan, Sam and Erica for sharing your talent with our Residents.
We look forward to your next visit.
Wine & Cheese 
After the lovely performance  Helen, Barbara, Helen and Bill enjoyed discussing how great their performance was.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Let's See What The Residents are Doing

Arts & Crafts
Helen was so happy to make her jewelry.

 Helen was happy to show off her necklace.

 Ken performed for our Residents and they enjoyed his saxophone.

 Norm is a San Carlos local and a wonderful volunteer to share his gift of music with our Residents.

Rabbi Visit
Rabbi Corey volunteers his time to educate our Residents on Jewish culture.

Literature Lectures
 Darwin comes in monthly to discuss books on literature.

 He does such a fantastic job of finding a movie to coincide with his lecture Residents can watch before hand.
This month is was "The Last of the Mohicans".

Social Tea
 Connie and Florence enjoying a cup of tea.

 Bob and Fred love their tea and cookies. 

 The Residents enjoyed watching the Giants game during social tea.

Wii Bowling
We have a some devoted Wii bowlers.
Tillie, Shirley, Helen and Elsa love to encourage one another, but also enjoy when they win.

The Grove
 In our Memory Care program the Residents are enjoying activities.
Here are just a couple they have been up to.

Arts & Crafts
 Marilyn loves crafting.

All the Residents get together and help to decorate for Spring.

 Marilyn and John had fun playing games, like Jenga.

With the help of volunteers, like Josh the Residents are able to complete large puzzles together.

Marilyn had fun dancing with volunteer John.

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.