Friday, February 22, 2013

San Carlos Elms Attends State of The City Address 2013

Last night at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos their was a great showing for the Mayor Matt Grocott and the Panel of Experts.
The night entitled: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" 
One of our favorite moments of the night was when City Manager Jeff Maltbie spoke about the San Carlos as a community. He asked the Assembly members to stand, then past Assembly members to stand, then people in law enforcement, then past law enforcement to stand, and then anyone who has volunteered for the City of San Carlos to stand, by the end of his list the entire room was standing it was an awe inspiring moment.
We were happy to be part of this event.

Mayor Matt Grocott thanking everyone for being present and showing their support last night.

Kathleen and June were happy to represent San Carlos Elms.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Talented Singers in our Memory Program here at San Carlos Elms

Jim getting ready for St. Patrick's Day.

Fran singing a song for Valentines Day.

Elisa singing her favorite song and one of ours too!

Lida singing a beautiful song.

Fred singing his love for his country.

What's been going on in The Memory Program this February 2013

It has been a very busy month in our Memory Program. Arts & Crafts, cheering on our 49er's, celebrating Valentine's day, and having a Daisy Troop visit us with hand made flowers.
Thank you to all who help in our Memory Program. 

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum