Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms

Staff sharing their Christmas spirit to the Residents today.

Hershel lead the lighting of the first candle on the  Menorah last night.
Residents appreciated his reading.
Happy Holidays from San Carlos Elms.

Friday, December 23, 2016

San Carlos Elms Residents Have Fun on Lunch Outing

Just a day before Christmas Eve and we had so much fun eating our lunch out at China Village.
June and Ruth loved their chicken chow fun.

Sue and Muriel couldn't get enough of the spring rolls and crab tails.
Thank you China Village staff for being so welcoming to our group.

Peninsula Carolers visit San Carlos Elms

The Residents enjoyed beautiful singing last night after dinner by the Peninsula Carolers.
We were so happy to have them visit our community.
Thank you carolers and have a wonderful Holiday Season! 

San Carlos Elms Resident Family Members Shares her Gift of Music

Elizabeth Roper, daughter-in-law of Dwight, played the piano beautifully this week for our Residents.
It was a lovely gift to share with the Residents.
Thank you Elizabeth and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Carolers from Bay Life Community Church Visit San Carlos Elms

Bay Life Community Church sang wonderful holiday songs for our Residents.
They also made beautiful Christmas Trees for them too out of pine cones.
Thank you for your gift of songs and trees!!!


Little Explorers Petting Zoo Visits San Carlos Elms

The Little Explorer Petting Zoo is always fun to have in our community.
We want to make sure they have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Thank you for sharing all of your animals with us.

The Girl Scouts were happy to see the animals today.

Even though it was cold with a chance of rain; you couldn't stop Ruth from coming.

We are so thankful to the Little Explorer Petting Zoo for making everyone's afternoon fun!!!

Girl Scout Troop Visits San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Girl Scout  Troop caroled for our Residents.
They did a great job!!!
Thank you to the troop and parents for taking the time to come sing for us!!!
Thank you for the wonderful holiday cookies too.

The Residents enjoyed the cookies the Scouts brought for them. 
Here is just a sample of what the Troop sang for the Residents.

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Boy Scout Troop Caroling

We were so happy to have Boy Scout Troop 321 and Pack 153 singing for our Residents. 
All of the Scouts and Leaders got our Residents in the holiday spirit by singing great holiday songs.
Thank you to all the members, parents and leaders of Troop 321 & Pack 153 and taking the time to visit us during this holiday season.
Happy Holidays to you all!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rabbi Corey Talks about Hanukkah with the San Carlos Residents

Rabbi Corey Helfand enlighten our Residents by sharing Hanukkah traditions.
He even brought in some Potato latkes to share with the Residents.
They learned more about the history of the Dreidel and the Menorah.
Thank you Rabbi Corey for your time we enjoy you each time you visit.

Ukulele Group Performs at San Carlos Elms

We are so lucky to have a local Ukulele group that comes to entertain us.
During the Holiday time they have a great holiday selection, which the Residents loved.

Thank you for taking the time to perform for us.

Arundel School Visits San Carlos Elms

We were so happy to have three kindergarten classes from Arundel School visit and sing for our Residents. 

Henry even had fun conducting the students.

We had two groups visit our Memory Care Program too.

The Residents enjoyed visiting with the students after their performance.

Thank you Arundel School for visiting our Residents and spreading so much joy.
Thank you to all the parents that helped with the students.
Finally, thank you to the teachers for taking time out of their schedule to bring their classes to visit us.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Heather School 2nd Grade Class Visits San Carlos Elms

We had a special visit today from Heather School 2nd Grade Class.
One class entertained our Residents with five skits and read to the Residents after their performance.
This performance was Henny Pence.

This was a skit of Little Red Riding Hood.

Caroline enjoyed her book with the students.

Virginia listened carefully to the story.

Bob was happy to spend time with the students.
Then we had a separate group of 2nd Graders visit our Residents in our Memory Care Program. 
Ruth was interested in the story.

Joan was all smiles as a story was being read to her.

Manny was even showing a smile today for the students.

All of the Residents and Students had fun crafting and coloring together.
Thank you to Heather School for spending time with our Residents.
Thank you to the teachers for setting this wonderful morning up.
A special thank you to all the wonderful parents who took time to accompany the students to this event.

Karaoke Social at San Carlos Elms

Activity Department was happy to start Karaoke Night at San Carlos Elms
Ashley and Kathleen showed the Residents just how easy and fun it can be.
By the end of the hour all of the Residents sang a song or part of a song.
Ashley and Kathleen singing "My Girl"
Nellie and Dolores showed off their singing skills.

Hattie even enjoyed having the microphone for a couple songs.
Here is just a glimpse of our version of "Clementine"

San Carlos Elms has Fun Crafting with Lindsay

For crafts this week Lindsay showed the Residents how to create a snow scene in a clear ornament.
The Residents showed their creativity and imagination during this project.
Sue was happy to help anyone who wanted to participate.

Hattie was so excited with her beautiful ornament.

This was a well attended craft project.
Thank you Lindsay for always sharing your creativity with our Residents.
Looking forward to your next visit.

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum