Sunday, August 31, 2014

San Carlos Elms takes time to Remember a Resident

Grace Johnson lived in San Carlos Elms for the past 6 and half years. She passed away August 16th at the young age of 98. Grace didn't want a memorial service she wanted a celebration of her life, so that is exactly what her family, friends and staff gave her at San Carlos Elms.
The Johnson family provided all the fixings for a great celebration; cake, drinks and stories. The staff provided pictures to show on the television screen of Grace's 6 and half years here. The Residents couldn't stop talking about how well Grace was loved and will be missed.
Thank you Grace for being apart of our lives.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

San Carlos Elms Share a Day at AT&T Park with The Giants

Thanks to our driver who got us to the park safely, the staff that always made sure the Residents had what they needed, and the San Francisco Giants winning today 4 to 1 over the Colorado Rockies, it is safe to say that we had a pretty good day.
The weather was perfect! The food was great! The Giants Won!
What more can you ask for?
Check out the time we had below.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day from San Carlos Elms

We want to take this day to honor our house dog Curley. He brightens up every Residents day as shown below.
Marilyn is enjoying her one on one time with Curley.

Curley even enjoys taken part in our Friday salon days in our Memory Program.

When we have visitors Curley makes sure to introduce himself and let the other animals know that they are in a welcoming environment.

Curley is so loved he even had his portrait done by one of our visiting volunteers.
Thank you Curley for all that you do for our Residents and staff. We appreciate you!

Friday, August 22, 2014

San Carlos Elms Attends Dance at Adult Community Center

We had a fantastic time tonight at the San Carlos Adult Community Center. They had live music, drinks, and food. We had a great time and we are looking forward to going back again soon.
Thanks for such a fun time!


Little Explorers Petting Zoo Visit's San Carlos Elms

What a perfect day to have the animals come and visit San Carlos Elms. We had rabbits, ducks, hens she laded an egg) , roster's, even an alpaca. The Residents enjoyed every minute reminiscing on the times they lived on a farm, worked on a farm or visited a farm.
Thank you Little Explorers Petting Zoo for making this such a terrific afternoon.
Scroll down and see how much fun our afternoon was.


San Carlos Elms find a new home for our Salad Bar

San Carlos Elms salad bar, shown below, was being replaced by a new salad bar. However their was nothing wrong with this one. It was still in good shape. Their had to be someone out there that needed a salad bar for something, and their was. First Baptist Church San Carlos needed a salad bar for their summer program and we were there to give it to them. 
Happy to find a home, sad to see it go.

Sharon and her driver picked it up after we made sure it was clean as new.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Root Beer Float Day at San Carlos Elms

It was another hot day here in San Carlos. What better way to cool off than with a cup of root beer floats.
Mabel & Jim enjoyed their sugar free, diet root beer floats.

Looks like Alyce might had a little too much sugar in her float.

Norine sipping her float ever so elegantly.

Anita enjoying her first root beer float social.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

San Carlos Elms Memory Program Celebrates a Birthday

Hannelore celebrated her 85th birthday with her family, friends, and staff. They had a great time.

Harriet enjoyed her drink.

Marie liked carrying the boxed cake.

Fran had a great time taking it all in, it was a fun party!

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum