Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Laughter Yoga at San Carlos Elms

Laughter instructor, Annie is always welcomed to The Elms.
 She was introduced to us by Care Indeed.
Annie has been here several times and with each visit we have more Residents joining in on this wonderful way of staying healthy.
 With all the laughter in the room we had both Residents and Staff joining in just by walking by to see what was so funny.
Thank you Annie! Laugh with you again soon.

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Tenor Singer Kevin Gino

Kevin accompanied with Chelsea on piano wowed our Residents with his incredible voice.
Thank you Kevin and we look forward having you back again.

Friday, August 25, 2017

San Carlos Elms Goes Out For Lunch

We had such a wonderful time at Applebee's!
The staff was fantastic!!!
 Fred and Erna enjoyed their cocktails.
 Helen, Shirley, Alyce and Gloria all had fun socializing.
 Gwenn, August, Alyce and Gloria all enjoyed their meal.
Helen, Shirley, Grace and Anita had fun catching up.

Burt, Fred and Erna were the jokester of the table constantly making us all laugh.

Erna can't wait for our next lunch outing.
She had so much fun with her new friends.

San Carlos Elms Music Aprreciation

The Residents were delighted with a new lecture this week on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Doc. Lamott.
 The had a pleasant time listening to his music and learning more about the man behind the music.
Thank you Doc Lamott for a wonderful presentation.


Monday, August 21, 2017

San Carlos Elms Celebrated the Eclipse with Mr. Softee

San Carlos Elms had a wonderful treat again!
We welcomed our Residents, Family, and Staff with a Mister Softee visit and everyone was offered an ice-cream cone. Some also received milkshakes or sundae's.
Thank you Mister Softee for making this a great way to continue our Summer.
We look forward to having you back again soon!!!

Alyce enjoyed her banana split.

 Dolores and Rigo cheers with their milk shakes.
 The line was from Elm St. all the way to The Elms walk way today.
 Tillie was so happy to get her ice cream cone.
 Gloria was all smiles with her cone.
 Bud was happy to celebrate his birthday with a milk shake.
 Barbara and John split their banana split.
 George was happy to have his ice cream with his daughter Rita.
 Allen was happy to have a chocolate cone.
 Mary was excited to have a milk shake with her daughter Cindy.
 Our newest family the Kudrov's enjoyed their first activity together.
 The line was still long an hour and a half later.
Thank you Mister Softee!

Crafting at San Carlos Elms

We are so lucky to have Lindsay come in on a regular basis to teach our Residents fun Crafts.
Today Lindsay brought in some beautiful beads for the Residents to create their own jewelry.
The Residents had a blast. Thank you Lindsay!!
 Dolores was happy to have new beads to go with a bead she already had.
 Lindsay is so great helping everyone, like Elsa and Caroline.
 Peggy was concentrating on her necklace.
 Tillie, Betty and Helen had fun sorting out the beads they were going to work with.
Thanks again Lindsay for all your help.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Little Explorers Petting Zoo Visits San Carlos Elms

The Residents, Staff and Family Members had so much fun with the Little Explorers Petting Zoo.
The weather was perfect, the animals were happy in their shade, and the Residents were more than happy to give the animals love.
Marcella was so excited to pet the Alpaca.
She was even more excited when she came up to her.
 Tish loves it when the animals are here.
 Tish had fun sharing her chicken with her husband Tom.
 Marggie was all smiles with all the animals.
Helen loves to hug the animals.
 Even some of our Residents from the Memory Program came to visit with the animals.

 Becky likes her new friend.
Helen was helping Frances with her new friend. 
Frances was so happy.
You are always so great with all our visitors!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Let's See What San Carlos Elms is Doing...

Our Residents have been busy this month with plenty of activities.
Espe and Kent enjoy the Wine & Cheese Social.

Jim, Hershel, Helen, and Henry all enjoy some social time together.

Dolores, Rigo, Emily, Marggie, and Shirley enjoy this time together to catch up on things.
 Espe, Helen, and Shelia had fun painting butterflies during Arts & Crafts.
 Shelia was very focused.
 So was Helen.
Teresa and Nellie were all smiles during their project.

Bill loves singing during Karaoke especially when his daughter's are singing with him.

Family member's, like Rob love to jump in during Karaoke.

Burt was all smiles with his Root Beer Float in the Lobby.

Caroline and Betty had fun painting their new pet rocks.

Burt and Helen had a great time on the Scenic Drive Rest Stop to China Basin Park, just next to AT&T Park.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.