Tuesday, October 31, 2017

San Carlos Elms Celebrates Halloween

We had so much fun at our Halloween Party today.
Take a look at just some of great costumes.
Happy Halloween!!!

Russ and Marilyn had fun at the party.

At 100 years young Bob did his best Pirates of the Caribbean.

Burt was happy to get dressed up, not for Halloween, but his Birthday!

Even at 101 years young, Bernella still showing her Halloween Spirit.

 The Activity Department, Kathleen and Ashley made sure everyone had a fun time!
Thank you, to the best clean up crew ever!!! Dolores and Gloria helped pack up the party once everyone was done.
From all of us here at San Carlos Elms please have a fun and safe Halloween night.

Arroyo 4th Graders Vistit San Carlos Elms

We were so excited to have Arroyo School's 4th grade class to entertain our Residents this morning in their costumes.
 The students started off with a melody of Halloween songs.
 Piano played by their talented teacher Heidi Umber.
Heidi has performed with her students every year for the past 21 years!!!
Thank you Heidi for your dedication.
 The students had a parade around the room to show off their costumes.
 The dinosaur even made it through the crowd.

Some students told jokes.
Other students showed off their talent with how quickly they could do a Rubik's cube. (51 seconds)

The Residents enjoyed the whole morning.

 After they were done singing and showing their talents, they read to each Resident.
 Gloria enjoyed her time with her student.
 Helen was into the book her student was reading to her.
Dan enjoyed the boy time he had with his students in the Lobby.

Activity Director, Kathleen, Sarah and Arroyo Teacher, Heidi did a great job keeping both the Residents and the Students happy.
Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Morning at San Carlos Elms

Residents and Staff got into the spirit of Halloween right away.
Everyone is enjoying one another's costumes.
Looking forward to see what this afternoon party brings us.
 Resident, Dan and Personal Care Attendant, Dora welcomed this Halloween morning with big smiles in their pirates costumes.
Dora, Nellie, Sarah, and Ketty all posed with the best dressed pirate this morning at breakfast.

San Carlos Elms Activities for November

Laughter Yoga at San Carlos Elms

Laughter instructor, Annie is always welcomed to The Elms.
 She was introduced to us by Care Indeed.
Annie has been here several times and with each visit we have more Residents joining in on this wonderful way of staying healthy.
  With all the laughter in the room we had both Residents and Staff joining in just by walking by to see what was so funny.

Friday, October 27, 2017

San Carlos Elms Preparing for Trick-or-Treaters

We had several Residents help put treats together for our visitors this Halloween.
 Caroline, Sue, and Gwenn working hard on their treat bags.

 Bernella and Helen making sure every bag has treats inside.
Elsa and Nellie were proud of what they accomplished. They can't wait to hand out the treats on Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

San Carlos Mayor Visits The Elms

We are so lucky to live in a community where the Mayor, Bob Grassilli visits us monthly during his term.
Mayor Grassilli informs the Residents of all the new changes coming to City of San Carlos. He takes time out of his busy schedule to answer any of the questions the Residents have.
the Residents look forward to his visit every month and he always brings in a good crowd.
Thank you Mayor Bob Grassilli for enriching the Residents quality of life!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Arts & Crafts at San Carlos Elms

Halloween is just around the corner and our Residents are having fun decorating their home.
We have several of their colorful skulls up in our Resident Lounge.
 Helen did a great job on her project.
 Dolores helped display the finished projects up in the Residents Lounge.
Marilyn did the most intricate work on her art work.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Petting Zoo Visits San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Elms Residents enjoyed a  visit from the Little Explorers Petting Zoo recently.
The zoo came to visit our Residents in our Memory Care Program, but a group of Residents from our Assistant Living took advantage of seeing all of the wonderful animals too.
Thank you Little Explorers Petting Zoo for always making this such a great day!
 George was all smiles with his new friend.

 Tish came to visit the Memory Program and helped with the animals. 
Frances enjoyed both Tish's company and the rabbit. 

 Becky enjoyed her time with her new fury friend.

 Herta came to visit the Memory Program and wanted to take her rabbit back to her apt.

 Bob was so happy with his friend.

 Even Curley, our house dog enjoyed the company for the day.

 Merle enjoyed her time with all her new fury friends.

 Bill had fun with the incredible handlers for the Little Explorers Petting Zoo and all his new friends;
 like this black and white duck,
and our favorite pig.
Thank you to everyone who participated on this experience. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

San Francisco Banjo Band Performs at San Carlos Elms

The Residents at San Carlos Elms were delighted with The San Francisco Banjo Band this past weekend.
You could hear the Residents singing along to all of their songs and enjoying every minute of their performance.  
Thank you San Francisco Banjo Band we look forward to having you back in our community soon.

Monday, October 9, 2017

San Carlos Elms Enjoyed The Art & Wine Faire

Many of our Residents, Family and Staff enjoyed the Art and Wine Faire this past weekend.
We were lucky to capture just a few moments with Resident's from our Memory Program with the Staff. They enjoyed the all the different booths and the amazing weather we had.
 Mary and Becky enjoyed seeing all the wonderful artwork.
Rhea, Activity Leader in our Memory Program, made sure that Mary and Becky had a fun time.
 Raquel, Personal Care Attendant for our Memory Program made sure the Residents had a safe time.

Becky and Mary were happy to pose with the classic cars on display.
Thank you to everyone involved making this years Art & Wine Faire so successful!!

A.C.C. Lunch

 The Elms was proud to be a sponsor for The Adult Community Center's Spring lunch.