Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy 102nd Birthday Bob!

Talking to Bob you would never believe he is 102 years young.
We were happy to celebrate his birthday this week with his family, friends and staff.
Bob was happy that so many generations of his family made it to the celebration.

Bob loved all the photos that his daughter Robyn set up.

 Bob was surprised with his proclamation from Jackie Speier.

Bob held the proclamation, while Robyn read it to him. 

Bob's birthday cake was beautifully decorated and very tasty.

Bob blew out his candles.

He thanked everyone for coming and sharing the day with him and his family.

Their wasn't an empty chair in the place.

Thanks to Dolores and Rigo for helping hand out drinks and cake.

Happy 102nd Birthday Bob!
He is already planning birthday 103. 

Sparkling Scenic Drive

Every year our Residents enjoy a night out on the bus to take a look at all the beautiful holiday lights.
We are lucky to live so close to Eucalyptus Ave, a.k.a. "Christmas Tree Lane".
 Thank you to everyone involved in making Eucalyptus Ave so delightful during the holiday season.
It is such a popular drive we scheduled multiple nights for this drive. 
Here are just a few of the houses they enjoyed seeing.

Thanks again to Christmas Tree Lane!!!
Looking forward to next years decorations!
Thank you to our terrific drivers for this fun trip.

January 2019 Activities

Friday, December 21, 2018

Keeping Busy Till Christmas

Laughter Yoga
Thanks to our friends at Care Indeed our Residents enjoy some Laughter Yoga with our favorite instructor Annie.

Violin & Sing-a-Long
Nancy is a wonderful volunteer who brings in her violin students to perform for our Residents.

Arts & Crafts
Lindsay, another wonderful volunteer comes in with fun crafts for our Residents to do.
This week she made candy leis.
Marilyn and Florence were happy to show off their finished leis.

Helen had fun choosing the different candies.

Angelina was all smiles working on her lei.

Helen did a beautiful job with her lei.
Thank you Lindsay for your continued dedication to our Residents.
St. Charles Caroling
Ms. Gradidge brought in her kindergarten class to sing Christmas songs with our Residents.
The Residents loved their singing and their Christmas PJ's.

Christmas Poetry Reading
One of our Residents, Don put together a fun collage of Christmas poems together to share with Residents before Christmas.
Helen and Kathleen were happy to help read the poems to the group.
Boy Scouts Caroling
Our Residents enjoyed listening to our local Boy Scout Troop singing Christmas Carols.
They also enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies after their performance.

Dania and Joyce enjoyed watching all the Scouts and their families after their performance. 

Thank you Scouts for sharing an evening with our Residents.
Happy Holidays to all!!!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Busy Holiday Week

Trunk Show
After spending 18 years in high tech marketing in Europe and the US, British-born Jackie Jones began her career as a jewelry designer in 2002. For many years Jackie sold her jewelry exclusively to high-end boutiques, gift stores, galleries and jewelry retailers in the US and overseas. During this time, Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was a huge fan of Jackie's necklaces and owned many pieces.
We were happy to have Jackie here this week showing and selling our Residents her collection. 

Renate enjoyed looking through the clothes.

Marilyn bought a lovely sweater.

Dania loved all the clothes.
Ukulele Performance

Nancy Solomon always puts a wonderful group of talented ukulele performers together. 
A fun and fantastic evening of volunteers performing.
Girl Scout Troop Caroling
The Troop did such a great job!

The Residents enjoyed their cookies after their performance.

Thank you Girl Scouts for you lovely singing and delicious cookies.
Arroyo School Visit
Arroyo School 5th Grade class room 16 was absolutely fantastic!!!
They are so talented.
Classic pianist,

saxophone player,


group carolers,

and they encourage our Residents to sing along with the words on the TV to follow along.
Thank you Arroyo School for such a wonderful performance.
Happy Holidays to Everyone from The Elms!!

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.