Monday, October 26, 2020

Celebrating a 100th Birthday Today

 Congratulations to Velma, she is our newest centenarian here at San Carlos Elms.

Velma had a great birthday, Dora did her hair so she would look good for her Zoom Birthday Party.

Velma was so excited to show her family her birthday cupcake.

Velma was excited to hear her proclamation read to her by her son in law, Mayor Ron Collins.

After everyone sang happy birthday, Velma enjoyed some champagne out of her special birthday cup.
Thank you to the whole family that took time to Zoom in from all over for this momentous occasion.
Happy 100th Birthday Velma!!!! 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Celebrating October Birthdays

Thanks to Zoom we are able to keep families connected during this time, especially for important days, like birthdays.
Take a look at some birthday celebrations caught on camera.

Bessie celebrating her 95th birthday with her family.

Donna read a poem to her mom to celebrate her birthday.

Gordon celebrating his 95th with his son.

Sid was so happy with everyone Zooming in for his birthday.

Sid celebrating his 91st birthday with his family and friends.
Some Zoomed in as close as San Carlos, little further in Los Angeles and the furthest New York.
Thank you to all of our Residents and Families for adapting and understanding this time.
Thank you again to Zoom for keeping us all connected.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Current Events

Sample ballots are out, election booklets to read and our residents are ready with their questions.

Thankfully we have a dedicated volunteer, Carol that meets with our residents individually to answer any of their questions.

Thank you Carol for taking the time to research everyone's questions.

A.C.C. Lunch

 The Elms was proud to be a sponsor for The Adult Community Center's Spring lunch.