Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Take A Look Inside Our Memory Care Program

Willa enjoys playing the piano, just as much as we hear playing.

Betty enjoys the fresh air on the patio.

Marilyn does enjoy the patio too.

Marilyn has a great time dancing when we have live performance.

Our Residents enjoy Memories in the Making.

Terri does a great job capturing moments from a Residents point of view.

Karina, her son Dominic and their dog, Luna came in for a visit with our Residents.

Vija enjoyed Luna's visit.
Henry loved getting a doggy hug from Luna.
Dominic, also shared his talent on the piano.

Marilyn always enjoys dancing.

Root beer floats are always enjoyable.

Henry enjoyed his root beer float.

Puzzles are always fun.

The Residents have so much fun with their robotic companions.

September Newsletter 2022


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Take a Look at Our Activities

Ice Tea Social


Bridge Group
Resident Lounge
A place where you can play a game, get your nails done or catch up with the local news.
You can also get a good cup of coffee or tea if that is your choice.
Conrad on Guitar

Current Events
Our wonderful volunteer, Carol zooms in weekly to go over the weekly news with our Residents.
We are all getting ready for the upcoming election.

Root Beer Floats

Scott on Guitar

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Activities Seen From the Eyes of a Resident

Meet Terri, she is a resident in our Memory Care Program.
She would like to share her talent in photography and share with you some moments from her perspective.
We hope you enjoy! 
Thank you Terri!!!

Ismary took a moment to capture Terri having fun capturing the moments.

Thank you Terri for sharing your point of view of our Memory Program.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Activities Rolling Along Safely

Lectures & Entertainment

Jan Pitcher came with a dozen pieces of her artwork.

The Residents enjoy hearing about each work of art and history on the animals.

Joseph from Healthy Living Home Care, shares his musical gift with our Residents. 
Just listen to his voice....

Thank you, Peninsula Jewish Community Center for inviting our Residents to enjoy the talent of singer, pianist and songwriter Marilyn Cooney.

We enjoyed her performance around the world immensely.

We always enjoy hearing George on guitar.
Welcome back George!

Helen enjoyed a visit from Dominic and his dog Luna.

All of the residents enjoyed their visit.

We also enjoyed hearing Dominic playing the piano before Bingo.

Sue Ann, from Spirit Care sends our Residents weekly prayer for all denominations. She also takes time to Zoom in monthly for prayer. Sue Ann graciously lets us record her so we can show her prayer service on our in house channel later for Residents who can not make the service.

Bingo, Games Crafts and Socializing
It was the first time the Residents didn't mind if we started Bingo a little late.

Wii Bowling, Residents enjoy playing just as much as cheering their friends on.

Yvette always comes up with creative craft projects for our Residents.

This project took two sessions.

Helene's butterfly came out beautiful!

As did Jeanette's!

Jorge and Bill enjoyed painting.

Jorge showed off his work of art.

Residents enjoying ice tea on the front patio.

Also, enjoying a cup of ice tea inside.

Getting back into blackjack.


Enough for two groups.

We are also happy to have the Dining Room back open.
Thank you Barbara B for taking such a great photo of Anita with her ice cream!
Thank you for taking the time to see what we are doing here at San Carlos Elms.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.