Sunday, May 31, 2020

Staff Helping with Resident Moral

One of our Personal Care Attendants (P.C.A), Dora has done a great job helping the Residents feel better during this difficult time of quarantine.
Dora made sure both her and the Residents were wearing masks while she cut & styled their hair. 
The Residents wanted to take the photos without the masks.
We want to make sure Amparo knows that we miss her and can't wait to have her back here in the Salon. 

 Velma was grateful for the hair style from Dora.

 Ruth was happy to have her hair cut.

 Pat felt a boost of energy when she had her hair done.

Bessie felt that she was now camera ready for her video chat with her family.
Thank you Dora for all your hard work and dedication during this time.

June Newletter 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Carlmont High School Letters

Students from Carlmont High School came together to send our Residents letters, via email of what they have been doing and are doing during the quarantine.
The letters were a reminder to our Residents that they are not alone during this time.
Thanks to the students at Carlmont High School our Residents know that people are thinking about them.
Enjoy the some of the moments caught on camera when the staff delivered the students letters.

Thank you Carlmont High School Students for putting smiles on our Residents faces during this time.

Friday, May 22, 2020

National Poppy Day

Today our Residents enjoyed receiving a poppy from the American Legion Auxiliary along with facts about the poppy and poetry. Thank you to the Auxiliary for making our Residents so happy this National Poppy Day.

The Residents who served in the military enjoyed a special treat from Kindred Hospice. 
They brought each of our Residents who served a letter from Sgt. Arce and a poem for Americans who served.

Please enjoy some of the moments caught on camera.

 This is a sample of what our Residents received today. 

This Memorial Day, thank you to artist Jerry Nunes for creating such a powerful reminder of the men and woman who did not return home to their families.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Letters 4 Hope Round Two

San Carlos Elms was happy to receive more letters from people around the world!  
They filled out an online form through Health for the World to send a message of hope to our Residents sheltering in place. 
We hope everyone will take the time to send their message to others who are sheltering in place at this time.
Please enjoy some of the picture of our Residents faces when they receive them.

Thank you Health for the World for keeping our spirits up during this time.

If you post on social media, please tag Health4TheWorld (Twitter: @CharityH4TW; Facebook: Health4TheWorld; Instagram: @health4theworld; Hashtags: #letters4hope #health4theworld). 

Monday, May 11, 2020

4-H Car Parade

Our local 4-H group, 4 H 4 Service put on a parade this past weekend.
 The purpose of the parade was to acknowledge and celebrate the work of essential workers in the community.
 They also stopped by the homes to celebrate 4 H community leaders who play a key role in their club.
San Carlos Elms was happy to be on their parade route.
 The staff enjoyed seeing all of the messages of love and support from the 4H.

Some of the staff were able to step outside and enjoy the parade that was for them and all of their hard work and dedication
Thank you 4-H for putting together a fun parade for all the essential workers in our community.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Staying Busy Here

Thank you to Spirit Care, Rev. Sue Ann Yarbrough for sending our Residents weekly prayers. It is helping to keep their spirits up. The Elms added a coloring passage with each weekly prayer.
We look forward to seeing all of our spiritual leaders again.

Joyce is one of many Residents who enjoy the weekly prayers. Thank you!

Current Events
Our volunteer, Carol still video chats with our Residents weekly.
The only difference is, this time it is one on one.

Video Chats
We are so lucky to live in a time where we can utilize technology to stay in touch with family and friends.
 Alyce had a great time talking withe her family.

Helen was so happy to see her daughter.

 Sue and Bob became friends years ago when Bob moved into The Elms.

At 103 years young Bob is fascinated by the technology we have now.

They are trying to keep each other happy during this time.
We hope you are all staying safe.
Thank you!!

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.