Tuesday, March 31, 2015

San Carlos Elms Activities for April 2015

San Carols Elms Receives Monthly Visit from Mayor of San Carlos

Mayor Ron Collins of San Carlos takes time out of his schedule to visit our Residents monthly.
He talks about upcoming plans for Laurel St., local parks or what has happened to their favorite restaurant. The Residents enjoyed Mayor Ron Collins visit, they feel connected to the community and more aware of what is going on in the city they love.

Friday, March 27, 2015

San Carlos Elms the Residents Explore New Ways to Have Fun

Some of our Residents have been enjoying the little things in life to make each day count.
Dorothy & Betty have been having lunch on the patio. They have been enjoying the great weather we have had lately.  

They also enjoy each others friendship.

Ruth spent an afternoon with the house dog, Curley visiting her apartment.

Each week we have social tea with lace tablecloths and our fine china.
 It is always a relaxing afternoon.

Nellie and Dorothy help decorate for Easter.
Here we have our egg tree.
Happy Spring to everyone! Take a lesson from a San Carlos Elms Resident's, start something new!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

San Carlos Elms Memory Care Program has been busy this month

In our Memory Care Program here at San Carlos Elms we enjoy keeping our Residents happy on a daily basis through activities.
Carol and Becky working hard on their puzzles.

Lida and Marie enjoying some magazines.

Exercise is always fun our 100 year young Resident Jay.

Carol and Lida join in on the exercise too.

Manny wants to keep his strength up.

All the Residents enjoy live music from Yelena on piano and Tibor on violin.

Marie and Lida are working on a puzzle together.

James and Gilda are enjoying socializing during manicures.

Becky loves to paint and she is amazing at it too.

Becky and Carol enjoy some time crafting.
Below are some pictures from the Memory Care Programs St. Patrick's Day Party earlier this month.

A toast to all friendships.

A lot of new friendships were made here.
Becky and Norine.
Doug and JoAnn.

Gilda enjoying her drink at the party.

Lida toasting to happiness.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

San Carlos Elms Attends State of the City

Last night San Carlos Elms was a table sponsor of the State of the City address featuring the Mayor of San Carlos, Ron Collins .
It was held at Devils Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos, well attended by Supervisors, Chamber Board, and Civic Members of San Carlos.
Mayor, Ron Collins made his address to a packed house. He discussed the renovations being made throughout the city, from the school fields, to Old County Road, and the Adult Community Center starting this coming June. Ron Collins also discussed long range plans including bringing back San Carlos Shuttle transportation, the Cal Trans addition on Holly St, and expanding social media.
Mayor Ron Collins ended his speech with a standing ovation.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

San Carlos Elms Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day

San Carlos had a festive St. Patrick's day today! 
We celebrated with banjo music, traditional Irish step dancing, beer, and food.
 The Residents had a great time at the party when the Activity Director got up and showed off her Irish dancing. Everyone had a good laugh and were happy they came out to have a good time.
Wally enjoyed his Guinness for the day.

 Kathleen still has some Irish moves left in her.

 The Residents enjoyed the dancing and the Irish music played by the banjos.

Just some of the treats the Residents had at the party.
Top 'O the evening to you all from San Carlos Elms!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

San Carlos Elms has a Special Talk on Veteran Benefits

San Carlos had a wonderful speaker, Lars, from U.S.S.V (United States Senior Vets) today. He discussed with  all of our residents and visitors just how the government has money set aside for veterans and their spouse who have served for our country during time of turmoil.
It was very informative and a lot of our residents and guest had some great questions that were answered. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

San Carlos 4H Group has been visiting San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Elms has had three visits so far from the wonderful 4H group.
They have two more visits scheduled with our Residents;
March 29th they will be decorating cookies and playing music.
April 26th they will be gardening and bringing some live animals to share with the Residents.
They have done some fun activities with our Residents so far, take a look!

 and bringing smiles with each visit.

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.