Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Residents Having Fun in Activities

Conrad on Guitar
 We are so happy to have Conrad perform for our Residents. 
He voice is captivating.
Mayor Visit 
 We are lucky and honored to have monthly visits from the Mayor of San Carlos, Mark Olbert.
He keeps are Residents informed about all the changes happening in the community.
Literature Talk 
 Darwin comes in monthly with a lecture on a book.
He always makes sure that their is a movie to coincide with his talk.
Lunch Outing
 The Residents enjoyed a nice lunch out at Denny's.
Capture a fun ride to Denny's.
Afternoon Stroll 
 We enjoy walking in groups with one another.
 It's a fun way to get out and have fun with your friends.
Ana and Barbara scooting around City Hall.
Ashley and Barbara pose for a selfie.

Laughter Yoga
laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter.... Forced laughter often turns into real contagious laughter.
Annie does a wonderful job getting our Residents laughing.

Residents made their laughter milk shakes.

Bob at 102 years young had fun throwing his milk shake and laughing.
Thank you to Care Indeed for keeping the laughter coming.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

San Carlos Elms 23rd Anniversary

We can hardly believe it! We have had our doors open now for 23 years, providing excellence in care and services to our Residents. Today we celebrated with our Residents, their families, our staff and their families. We had a beautiful and breezy day.
Live music, fun decorations, drinks and wonderfully cooked food. 
It was a perfect way to mark this occasion.
Thank you for all who joined us today.
Enjoy our Circus Theme photos!!!
All of the staff got into the theme.
All set up ready to go with decorations and food.

 Can't say enough about how good the food was,
 and yes all was prepared right here by our talented dining staff.
The food was so delicious!!!
 Mary Joe was happy to pose for a photo.
 Nellie had fun.
Shirley had fun too.
Silver Bell Band was fantastic!
The Gorilla from All Star Showgrams was amazing.

 Kathleen and Joyce posed for the camera.
 Dolores had fun eating lunch with the gorilla.
Alyce smiles with the Gorilla.
 Mary was happy to have her family at the celebration.
Joyce was happy her daughters made it to the party.
 Bob was happy to have three generations to celebrate the occasion.
Shirley toasting to another great year at The Elms.
Virginia and her family had a fun time under the tent by the animals.

 Tish loves her bunny.
 Little Explorers Petting Zoo was a fun addition to the celebration.
Connie was waiting all morning to hold her furry friend.
 Simba our visit lion from All Star Showgrams was enjoyed by all.
Marcella loves her hugs!
Kathleen was happy to toss the cotton candy to everyone.
 Florence enjoyed her matching flower made by Squidgy the clown.
Ismary having fun with Squidgy.
Squidgy made a lot of creative balloons.
 Simba enjoying the popcorn machine with Curley.
Kathleen, The Elms clown said hello to Anne.
 Curley was wondering if he was being replaced.
 We all loved the Squidgy the clown from All Star Showgrams.
 Vija enjoyed her heart balloon.
Curley received some clown hugs from Ashley, nose to nose.
Thank you to everyone that made this day so wonderful!!!
See you again next year!

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Hiller Aviation Museum