Monday, July 30, 2018

Bon Voyage Dinner Dance

We were honored to be guests of the Friends of the A.C.C. at their dance.
The Residents enjoyed their drinks on the patio before dinner.

Rigo and Dolores were happy to attend.

Hue and Marion were excited to go out to dinner.

The dinner dance was well attended.

Hue and Marion enjoyed meeting new people in the San Carlos Community.

They also enjoyed their time on the dance floor.

Marion and Dolores enjoyed their time dancing too.

Dolores was showing off her moves on the dance floor.
Thank you to the staff of the San Carlos Adult Community Center and the Friends of the A.C.C. for inviting us and throwing such a fun dinner dance. 

Gardening Time

The Residents work hard to make sure our garden is beautiful.
Russ planting some more flowers for our garden.

Virginia working hard too in the garden.

Barbara getting herself ready to plant our newest rose bush.
Thank you to all the Residents for making our garden so wonderful.

Music & Motion

Thanks to our Friends of the A.C.C. our Residents enjoyed an afternoon of exercising their bodies and minds.
Listening to songs of the past they would move their bodies in dance and guess the songs title and performers. 

Thank you,  Friend of the A.C.C. for introducing Music and Motion to our community.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Root Beer Float Social

What better way to enjoy a summer afternoon, than with a root beer float.
Helen, Grace and Betty enjoyed their floats.

The Residents had fun reminiscing with their root beet floats.

Kirsten couldn't wait to enjoy her float.

Thank you to all the Residents who attended.
Look forward to our next social.

Lunch Outing

We went to Fortune House and had so much fun!
Alyce and August enjoyed splitting their meal.

Helen and Anita had fun socializing.

Florence loved her Shrimp Chow Mein.

Bob and Fred loved the time out and the wonderful food.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mister Softee Visit

It was a beautiful day and what could make it more enjoyable? Mister Softee!
Residents, family members, staff and visitors indulged on an afternoon of ice cream from Mister Softee.
The line was all the way down Elm St.

Gloria was one of the first to order.

Gloria was happy with her vanilla cone. 
Muriel came prepared with sunglasses.

Marion and Hue couldn't wait to bite into their chocolate covered cones.

Dania was happy to take her cone and eat it with her friends.

Virginia was so happy to get her ice cream cone.

Alyce couldn't wait to dive right in.

Bill and Ann enjoyed their ice cream on the patio.
 Joyce was happy with her first Mister Softee visit.
George and Tillie  finished their ice cream while enjoying each others company and warm weather with friend Kirsten .

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Trunk Show

After spending 18 years in high tech marketing in Europe and the US, British-born Jackie Jones began her career as a jewelry designer in 2002. For many years Jackie sold her jewelry exclusively to high-end boutiques, gift stores, galleries and jewelry retailers in the US and overseas. During this time, Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was a huge fan of Jackie's necklaces and owned many pieces.
We were happy to have Jackie here this week showing and selling our Residents her collection. 
Jackie showing Marion a beautiful necklace.

Helen loved looking at all the stylish clothing.

Pat loved the jewelry.

Helen was pondering what shawl she liked best. 

So, she asked her friend Helen for help.

Shirley enjoyed looking at all the jackets.

Russ was helping his wife Marilyn look at all the items. 

The Residents and staff enjoyed the afternoon, looking and purchasing some of Jackie's wonderful selection of clothes and jewelry.
Thank you Jackie we look forward to your next visit!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lego Morning in Our Memory Program

We were so excited to have Patty Sherin from Mo'Brickz to enhance our Residents creativity and motor skills.
Family members, staff and volunteers had fun working with the Residents with their Lego's.
 George was intrigued and happy to have Patty and his daughter Diane, there to help.

Terry was interested in the Lego's and enjoying his lollipop.
Volunteer Mathew gave Terry more pieces to choose from.

Patty guided Ruth with her Lego artwork.

Mathew helped birthday girl Faye with her creation.
She was happy with her results.
 Mathew helped Ruth with her building.
Ruth was happy with the ending result.
Thank you Patty for sharing your gift of Lego Creations with our Residents.
See you again soon!

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum