Tuesday, May 30, 2017

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Young Pianist Performance

At San Carlos Elms we are lucky to live in a community where everyone likes to share their talents.
This is a local piano group that came in twice during the past two weeks to perform for our Residents.
They Enjoyed Them!!!!
Thank you to the teacher, Nancy Kaye, all of her students students, and all the parents that drove them here. Hope to see you again soon!

San Carlos Elms Activities for June 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

San Carlos Elms Cool Down with some Ice Cream

It has been a nice warm week so, The Elms enjoyed a delicious ice cream sundae.
 Rigo was so happy with all the different toppings to choose from.
 Joan enjoyed socializing with her friends.
 Fred was so happy with his sundae. He was hoping he still had room for dinner later.
 Teresa wished she had a bigger spoon.
 Helen enjoyed it till the last drop.
 Gloria was all smiles with her sundae.
 Activity Director, Kathleen and Volunteer Carol had fun making all the sundaes for the Residents.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

San Carlos Hometown Day Parade

 The Residents enjoyed being apart of the San Carlos Hometown Day Parade again this year.
Ashley, Activities Assistant was here early decorating the bus.

 Victor, our driver even had fun decorating the bus.

 The Residents had so much fun seeing the parade from the bus. 
They even had their own party on the bus.
 Of course our House Dog, Curley was on the bus and showed who is "King"
 Curley had fun posing for photos.
 Residents and their family waved at us along the route. 
Ray and his family enjoyed the parade on a beautiful day.
 The color guards started the parade.
The bus looked great all decorated.
Hope everyone had as much fun as we did in the parade.

 Thank you all who put the parade together.
See you next year!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

San Carlos Elms Attends 'A Night of Inspiration'

San Carlos Elms was one of many sponsors of last nights 'A Night of Inspiration' for the Music and Memory Program.
This was a night of sharing stories and educating the community on wellness programs and the power of music.  It was also a great night for a silent auction with amazing prizes to be won.
Thank you to Kelly for hosting this wonderful event. Everything was so beautiful.
Thank you Suzie, the Board of One Life Counseling Center and all the volunteers for getting all the iPods for each individual Resident done.
Thank you to ALL who donated to this wonderful program.
You have increased the Residents quality of life!!!
Tables were set lovely.
 The Silent Auction was a battle field of fun, keeping an eye on your favorite gift.
 Images of how One Life Counseling has helped the community and the programs they have blossomed, including Music in Memory at San Carlos Elms.
 Suzie was amazing introducing all the guest speakers and educating us all on the programs they provide.
 Luca shared his voluntary service story about The Elms. How when he started it was just for school, but now that his hours are complete he is continuing his volunteerism at San Carlos Elms in the Music and Memory Program. He loves how the music can bring two generations together and the power that music has to every person.

San Carlos Elms Memory Care Program

We have an active Memory Care Program here at San Carlos Elm.
Residents enjoy many different activities.
Below are just a few we caught on camera, enjoy!
Ruth painting, during Memories in Making along with the Music and Memory.

Manny enjoys listening to his music while he is painting.
Becky loves dancing while she is painting.
 Claire comes in every week to play the Organ for our Residents, then she has a cup of tea.
At 105 years young she is one of our most dedicated volunteers.

 Ray enjoys a game of ring toss.
 So does Faye.
 Marjoriann, loves making decorations for the holiday.
 Marjorie and Faye enjoying some gardening time.
 Faye loves to make sure the plants are taking care of.
Spirit Care Representative, Rev. Sue Ann visits every month with Kathryn on piano, to provide Ministry Care to The Elms Residents.
 We can't leave out our house dog, Curley and all the love he provides on a daily basis.
 Merle loves to have fun with all the Residents, Staff and Volunteers.
Faye likes to help transport juices and snacks with the staff.

Monday, May 8, 2017

San Carlos Elms has a Wonderful Time at the Kiwanis Show

The Kiwanis Club of San Carlos put on a wonderful production on Motown and More.
The Residents had so much fun! They were treated like stars!! The cast even came out to welcome them during the performance. We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did.
 We had a good group attending the performance and they had such a great time.

Friday, May 5, 2017

San Carlos Wishes you a Happy Cinco de Mayo

We had a wonderful day today at San Carlos Elms.
Residents and Staff enjoyed authentic Mexican food and taking their pictures as Mexican Folkloric dancers. Hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as we did!
 Rigo and Dolores
 Driver, August and Nellie
 Bill with Activity Director, Kathleen
 Activity Director, Kathleen with Shirely
 Activity and Business Office Assistant, Ashley with Alyce
 Buisness Office Assistant, Brianna with Marketing Director, June
 Dwight with Activity Director Kathleen
 Personal Care Attendants, Meling and Magda
 Receptionist, Raquel with Driver, August
Activity Director, Kathleen with Don 
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.