Friday, November 30, 2018

Recent Activities

4H Visit
The 4H comes in monthly to visit with our Residents.
They always bring something fun to do.
They made cards, 
crafted sent bags for their drawers,

and of course games.
Thank you to the 4H group!
Thanksgiving Day
Our Dining Staff does a wonderful job with the "Harvest Table" appetizers before Thanksgiving dinner.
Everyone enjoys the Harvest Table. 
The Residents, Staff and Family Members all enjoyed the afternoon.
Lunch Outing
The Residents enjoyed themselves at IHOP.
Thanks to our great server Eddie.
Alyce loves her German Crepes.

Sue enjoys her Chicken Florentine Crepes.

We all got a good laugh when our Driver, Auggie order the Who's Roast Beef Omelet, it was HUGE!
Music & Motion
Thanks to our Friends of the San Carlos A.C.C. Our Residents enjoyed another afternoon of Music & Motion with Allen.



December Activities

Friday, November 16, 2018

Elms House Dog, Curley Celebrates 13th Birthday

Curley was excited to celebrate his 13th birthday!
He couldn't wait to get the party started.

Curley thanked Bill for coming.

He was happy to have Scott entertaining for his birthday.

Everyone had a great time dancing the afternoon away.

Curley preparing to bark out his candle.
He needed a little assistance from his friend Bill and Ismary.

Curley loved his cake!!
He wanted to make sure to thank everyone who made this birthday possible.
Happy Birthday Curley and many more to come.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Veterans Day

This morning to celebrate our Resident Veterans we had a Veterans Day Ceremony.
We sang patriotic songs, shared stories and took time to remember those Veterans who are no longer with us.
Thank you to San Carlos Boy Scout Troop 321 for helping us put together a beautiful program for our Residents.
Thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary District 8, Unit 510 for making and donating poppy corsages for our Veteran spouses, flag pins with ribbon and poppies for everyone.
Thank you to our Veterans each and everyday!

Troop 321 lead the Resident in patriotic songs.
During the "Armed Forces Medley" we had Residents and Visitors stand for their branch of service.
Army was the most popular today.

 Activity Director, Kathleen signed "I am Proud to be an American" song.

Troop 321 had a very talented bugle player.
He started the service with "Star Spangle Banner" and ended with "Taps"

Thank you to Troop 321 for making this a special Veterans Day.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Activities This Week

Wine & Cheese Social
Shirley, Alyce, Dolores and Emily thought their chocolate wine was delicious.
They thought it went well with the Halloween theme of the week.

Ana and Helen enjoyed each others company.
The Resident enjoy watching their Warriors while enjoying a glass of wine and good company.
Laughter Yoga 
Our Laughter instructor, Annie gets our Residents excited about laughing for health. 

Thanks to our friends at Care Indeed, Annie comes in on a regular basis to spread some
 much needed laughter.

All the Residents feel so much better after her visit.
 Cellist Performance
Matt on the Cellist and his pianist Robert filled up the room for their performance this week.

Hope to hear them real soon.
Current Events
Carol visits weekly with our Residents to discuss world and local news.
Violin Performance
Yelena and Tibor have performed at the Elms for almost 20 years.
The Residents love their music.

Memory Program Activities

Our Residents in our Memory Program have had a fun time this past week.
Ann worked hard on her pumpkins.

Carol enjoyed making a Lego masterpiece.

Chuck worked on his Lego's while enjoying his music.

Barbara got into the Halloween Spirit.

Bill is all smiles.
Joan got the party started with Rhea by showing off their dance moves. 

At 100 years young, Ruth had a fun time with her daughter Jan at the Halloween Party.
Ruth loves getting dressed up for the holidays.

Activity team, Ismary, Ashley and Kathleen love to show off their holiday spirit!

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.