Friday, September 28, 2018

Weekly Activities

Monday Night Karaoke
The Residents love to sing together.

They have fun picking out the songs.
Madeline on Piano  
The Residents love Madeline on piano.
They enjoy her singing too.
Trio Musical Group 
We enjoy listening to our musical volunteers.

They are so talented!
Talks on Literature w/Darwin 
Darwin prepares lectures for our Residents on books they have read or movies they have seen.

We are lucky to have Darwin to educate our Residents.
Social Tea 
Dania, Helen, Tillie, and Florence enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon.
Wine and Cheese Social 
Shirley, Rigo, and Dolores enjoy catching up with one another over a glass of wine.

Ana, Dania and Tillie give a cheers to the camera.

Just some of the treats they enjoy.
Current Events w/ Carol 
We love our weekly visits with volunteer Carol.
She visits us each week to discuss current events.
Brain Exercise
Thanks to our Friend of The A.C.C. (San Carols Adult Community Center), our Residents have enjoyed their weekly brain exercise classes with Paul.
Our Residents are having fun too!

Activities for October 2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Giants Outing

San Carlos Elms went to AT&T Park today to cheer on their San Francisco Giants! 
It has been a rough season, but we still LOVE our Giants!!!
Rigo and Dolores were so happy to get to the ballpark.

Nellie was welcomed by her new friend Connie.

We couldn't wait for the doors to open.

What a beautiful view from our seats!

The Residents enjoyed their seats. 

Dolores and Rigo had so much fun.

Kathleen was happy to run into Joan, a family friend.

Ashley was happy to have her grandmother Nellie go on the outing.

Helen was a little cold so she bought a jacket.

Dolores and Rigo had fun dancing at 7th inning stretch with the usher.

Helen had a nice surprise when her daughter Paula stopped by to say hi.

Paula sent this picture to us after the game.
She saw us leaving from the stadium.

Activity Director Kathleen and Activity Assistant Ashley would like to thank The Giants for a great game!
We look forward to next season.
Thank you also to all the staff at AT&T Park you made this a wonderful day for our Residents!!!

Brain Exercise Classes

Thanks to our Friends of the S.C.A.C.C our Residents have enjoyed Paul's brain exercise classes for the past two weeks.
The Residents look forward to their next four sessions with Paul.

The TBH Brain Workout 2.0 Personal Best Challenge will give you even more ways to get the tools you need to improve your focus, sharpen your thinking and boost your overall brain fitness.
Thank you Paul for all your hard work!!!


Scott on Guitar

Scott has such a smooth sound to his voice that is entertaining and captivating.
He always has a large crowd to listen to his performance.

Thank you Scott!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Scenic Rest Stop

Each week our Residents go out for a scenic drive. Once a month we have a scenic drive with a destination at the end, a place where our Residents can get off the bus, take in the scenery and stretch their legs.
This day the Residents stop at Fort Funston and enjoyed not only the views, but the nice weather. 
Mary, Virginia and Activity Assistant Ashley had fun taking a selfie.

Mary and Virginia loved the views.

Wendell Performs

Our Residents enjoy Wendell's performance.
He plays the piano, sings and gets our Residents moving to the beat.

Thank you Wendell!

Rabbi Corey's Visit

Our Residents of all faiths came to educate themselves on Jewish culture.
Rabbi Corey always full of enrichment for our Residents shared honey bread, apples and honey to welcome the Rosh Hashanah.

Marion helped Rabbi Corey with the food.
Thank you Rabbi Corey for celebrating Rosh Hashanah with our Residents.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Arts & Crafts with Lindsay

Lindsay is a wonderful, dedicated volunteer!
Each visit she brings a fun craft activity for our Residents to share their creative side. 
Dania was happy to show off her art work.

Helen made a beautiful sunset.

Marilyn had fun making her flower arrangement.

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.