Friday, October 31, 2014

San Carlos Elms Celebrates Halloween

The Residents celebrated Halloween along with all the Giants fans tuning in for the Giants Parade. We had a GIANTS Halloween Party today. We haven't had one in two years it was time for another one. The Residents showed up some in costume enjoying their drinks, snacks and see their favorite Giants Players roll by on the screen. We had a great time socializing and reminiscing on a wild year for the Giants!!!
The staff had fun dressing up today for the residents too. 
Bill enjoying his Vampire Blood Drink.

Our maintenance team angry birds today, nothing but smiles.

The Elms servers dressing a little witchy with Tony in her bat costume.

The Personal Care Attendants being silly with their bumble bee and monkey hats.

Brittan Acres Class Visit San Carlos Elms

Thank you to Heidi Umber's Class for coming to The Elms today on Halloween. Your class did a GREAT job!!! They sang spooky songs, did magic tricks, performed solo songs, played the piano, had a parade of costumes and read to the Residents. It was a fun filled morning and we enjoyed every minute of it.
 The students had a good crowd today.

Gilda is engrossed with her student reading to her.

Caroline is all smiles with the story being read to her.

The students couldn't believe that Lillian will be 101 years young next month.

Jay's student was shocked that he just turned 100 years young.

Dorothy enjoyed being read to by a princess.

Nellie loved her story too.

Heidi & Kathleen have been working together now for nine years and it keeps getting better.
Thank you to all the parents who helped walk the kids down from school.

San Carlos Elms Activities for November 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

San Carlos Elms Prepares for Trick-or-Treaters

The Residents had a lot of fun today making goody bags for our trick-or-treaters on Halloween day and night. Tomorrow morning we will have visitors from Brittan Acres School and San Carlos Children's Place. We can't wait to see all their costumes and later have a party of our own.

San Carlos Elms Celebrates The San Francisco Giants Winning The 2014 World Series

Residents, Staff, Family members and even our house dog, Curley was proud to be a Giants fan this season and every season. Way to make it exciting. Thank you for an AWESOME Year!!!
Let's do it again next season, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

San Carlos Elms Goes Out to Lunch

We all enjoyed our time out this afternoon at Chef Peking's it was a lot of fun having our own private room where we could talk as loud as we wanted to. We also enjoyed the dessert fried bananas with ice-cream, so yummy on a nice day like today. Can't wait to go again.
Nellie and Grace swapping their meals to see how good the other one was.

I think Thelma and Red enjoyed their first outing out with us.

Carla was all smiles with her Aide Lisa.

Margo had never tried the fried bananas before, we are still trying to guess if she liked it or not.

Friday, October 17, 2014

San Carlos Elms Celebrates another 100th Birthday!

Today we celebrated Edward "Jay" Munns 100th birthday. We have not celebrated any other 100th birthday at The Elms like this one, and we will probably never top the one we had today. This 100th birthday was 2 and half hours long and nobody wanted to leave! Plus, everyone kept dancing, yup I said it dancing at a 100th birthday party, even the guest of honor.
We had Jay's 15 family members here and Adriana an Arabic dancer perform for Jay and all his guests.
Congratulations Jay on turning 100 today hope you had a great day because all the Residents are still taking about it and probably still will for a few more days.
Jay Munns, Birthday boy!

Jay Munns with great granddaughter Amanda, who volunteers her time playing the piano at The Elms.

Jay got them all out first blow, lucky there was only three candles. 
The Residents practiced with their clappers for the dancer.
Adriana performed a Aribic piece for our birthday boy.

She was amazing.

Then she had the birthday boy perform too.

Jay was pretty good, even had the hip movement down.

Adriana was a wonderful addition to the party.

Adriana got everyone up and moving, Jay's 15family members got up and danced.

Even Resident Boris got in the action.

The Little Explorers Petting Zoo was here today visiting our Memory Program and when they heard we had a Resident who turn 100 today they had to bring someone down to wish him a happy birthday.

So, they brought the chicken, no the kiss on Jay's check is not from the chicken.

San Carlos Elms Memory Program Receives a visit from the Little Explorers Petting Zoo

The Residents enjoyed their time outside on the patio with all the sheep, ducks, rabbits, goats, chickens and pigs this afternoon. They enjoyed holding them and not having a worry in the world. We saw all smiles today while the Little Explores Petting Zoo was here. Thank you.
Carol Mae and Carol didn't leave the cage till the van did.

Philip and Doug got a kick out of the rabbits.

Dorothy loved snuggling with her rabbit.
Norine was in shock, she couldn't believe she was feeding a rabbit.

Harold and Mary liked holding their rabbits. Mary was happy hers stayed on her lap.

Carol Mae and Carol still in the pen with the animals.

They all had a great time Residents, Staff and I am pretty sure the animals did too. Three hours of unconditional love can't go wrong with that.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.