Monday, August 31, 2015

San Carlos Elms Welcomes Lois Tager

Lois Tager is a published author in numerous journals recognized as the leading resources for seniors. As the Director of Geriatric Care Management at a law firm specializing in estate planning, Lois assist families dealing with a variety of senior issues regarding living situations, Alzheimer's and dementia. Known as the "concierge" of senior services and leading advocate, she also serves as a motivational speaker on this and related topics. 
Many Residents came to listen to Lois and what she had in store for them.

After her lecture Lois raffled off two books she had written.

Harriet was one on the lucky winners.

Sidney was the other winner.
They both had their copies autographed.

Dorothy bought one of Lois's books and had it autographed too.

Friday, August 28, 2015

San Carlos Elms Takes a Night out to Dinner and Famers Market

We enjoyed a hot evening last night at the Farmers Market on Laurel St.
Before we headed out to dinner at Spasso's we enjoyed tasting some delicious fruit along the market and live entertainment at the Frank D. Harrington park.
Nellie and Helen walked the whole Market and relaxed before dinner listening to the music in the park.

Gene, Shirley, and Mabel enjoyed the kids at the park.

Shirley had her traditional house wine with dinner.

Helen loved her eggplant parmesan.

Gene and Nellie had fun at dinner.

Arts & Crafts at San Carlos Elms

San Carlos Elms has a new volunteer, Lindsay. She comes in twice a month to help the Residents expand their creativity through crafting.
This last project was possible with the help of another friend of San Carlos Elms, Pat. She donated a Cuttlebug machine making it easy for us to have the shapes needed for greeting cards.
Helen and Anne had fun with all the shapes.

Joan can't wait to send her card to Italy to her family.

Betty was the one professional we did have in the class that day.
She even brought her own supplies down.

This was Betty's finished card. Three dimensional and everything.

Lindsay helping the Residents finish off their projects.
Thank you to Lindsay and Pat for making this craft day possible!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Little Explorers Petting Zoo Visits San Carlos Elms

Every other month the Residents enjoy a visit from Little Explorers Petting Zoo.
Edmund & Renate are so happy with their rabbit friends.

Helen & Tish were brave to enter the cage with the animals. 

Harriet did not want to let her new friend go.
Ray and his daughter enjoyed the rabbits too.

Ruth loves all animals, but this one she could not stop hugging.

Dennis took a break from our Memory Care Program to hold a rabbit.

Renate can not wait till the rabbits next visit.

Happy Birthday to a San Carlos Elms Resident During Lunch Outing Today

At San Carlos Elms birthdays are important days to be celebrated.
Usually each Resident on their birthday is sung to by the service staff during lunch time.
Bud's 92nd birthday was today and he was not in the Dining Room.
The Servers came out to the patio and sang to him their.
Bud said that was a nice surprise. Even his friends joined the singing.

San Carlos Elms Enjoys a Lunch out on the Patio

We enjoyed a beautiful day out on the patio eating our lunch from Nino's.
It is always a fun activity eating with your friends on a bright sunny day.
Helen, Dorothy, Carolyn and Shirley enjoyed their pizza and pasta by the garden.

Don, Richard and Alyce smiling for the camera or it could be for the pizza.

Helen , Anita and Nellie had fun at their table.

We all had fun watching Dolores eat her favorite kind of pizza, anchovies.  

What is San Carlos Elms Active Memory Program Involved in Lately?

The Residents in our Memory Care keep themselves busy daily:
...It can be a fun game of BINGO.
...Quiet activity like puzzles.

...Focus and creative like painting, for Memories in The Making.

...Live entertainment! Claire is one of our regular volunteers in our Memory Program.
She visits once a week to play the organ. At 102 years young she is one dedicated volunteer.

Moonglow music performs for our Memory Program too.

Friendship is something that has bloomed nicely between Harriet and Marilyn. 

Also between Becky and Curley.

Laughter is an important part of our program.
Charles and Kirsten are very good at this activity.

Friday, August 14, 2015

San Carlos Elms Interior Remodel

There is more activity at the Elms than usual.
Interior designer, Carol A Tanzi, ASID,CID, is busy working with a large crew
redesigning the hallways and several other areas.
Tanzi,who has had a business relationship with the Elms for years cherished
the thought of doing something unique.
One of the features of the project, Carol created an overall plan choosing
co-ordinated color schemes for each floor.
This way each floor welcomes the residents to their apartments as they step
off the elevator.
These sample boards show the colors and materials being used on each floor.

First floor shown above.

Second floor shown above.

Third floor shown above.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

San Carlos Elms Goes to the Ballpark

The San Francisco Giants may have lost the game today against the Houston Astros, but we had a fantastic time cheering on our favorite team, our San Francisco Giants!!!!
One of the Residents said on the way home from the game, the score sure didn't reflect the fun we had today.
Muriel, Dolores, Alyce, John, Kathleen, Helen and Anita had an amazing day at AT&T Park!

Muriel, Dolores, Alyce and Helen were so excited to see where we were sitting.

We enjoyed some sandwiches, crackerjacks, and flavored water for lunch. For dessert Baby Ruth's.

 This is how close our seats were to the field we had such a fun time in the sun.

We were even over Lou Seal's entrance to the field. 
Thank you to all the hard workers at AT&T Park for making our day such a safe and fun afternoon.
Thank you to the Giants for always giving us a great game, we know you gave your best today and don't worry we believe in you!!! You'll get them next time.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.