Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Activities That Make Us Thankful

Boy Scout Troop 321 Visit
 We were happy to support Boy Scout Troop 321 in their popcorn fundraiser.

 The Residents were happy to buy some popcorn for a good cause.

 Barbara didn't want popcorn, but showed her support by giving the Scouts a donation.

 Helen enjoyed her popcorn with some coffee.
 Thank you Boy Scout Troop 321 for everything you do for our Residents. 

California Hearing Center
 Lais Ama from Califonia Hearing Center came to check our Residents hearing aides and other issues if they had them.
 She took her time with each Resident.

 Every Resident who spoke with Lais was thankful.

Mayor Vist
 We are so lucky and grateful for San Carlos Mayor Mark Olbert.

 He comes in monthly to make sure Residents are aware of what is happening in their City.

Rabbi Corey Helfand Visit

 Rabbi Corey welcomes all Residents who would like to learn more about Jewish culture.
This month he talked about the different foods prepared for the holidays coming up.

Arts & Crafts
 We are thankful also for our volunteer Lindsay who comes in twice a month with a fun craft project for our Residents. Here she is showing Florence how to apply tissue to the vase.

 Caroline and Joyce had fun decorating their vases.

Helen, John and Bob enjoyed their time together creating.

 Hot Chocolate Social
 We are all thankful for having friends with us each day and holiday.
Violet, Helen, Joyce and Florence enjoy the time together.

Pat, Muriel, Helen and Helene cheers to friendship.

John is thankful for the new friends he is making. Helen is happy to welcome John.

Monday Night Football Social
 Football is fun, but always fun watching with friends.

Residents are thankful for the drinks and snacks provided for them during Monday Night Football.
These are just a few things we are thankful for, we hope you are thankful what you have.

December Activities for 2019

Monday, November 25, 2019

Activities in Our Memory Care

Arts & Crafts
During the month of November we had many different craft projects.


 and decorating frames.

 The Residents have fun with each visit from MoBricks.

 They create and social while creating their Lego world.

 Mercedes loves that Marilyn likes to help her find the pieces she wants.

 Linda is having fun with this new activity.

 We were happy to see Bob join in with everyone.

Even Manfred got into building his own city. 

Scott on Guitar
 The Residents enjoy Scott's music and Marilyn loves to dance to his music.

 Happy Birthday Curley
 We were happy to celebrate Curley's 14th birthday this month.

 To each Resident, he is their dog.
 He loves each of them right back.

 They were happy to celebrate his birthday.

 Marilyn and Anne got dressed up for the occasion. 

 Curley received extra love today from everyone.

 They all sang happy birthday to him.

 Ismary did a great job putting the party together.

 We made sure Curley has a little bit of his cake.

We all think Curley had a good time.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Some Activities Caught on Camera This Month

Laughter Yoga
Thanks to our friends from Care Indeed, Annie comes in to help us laugh. Laughter is proven to be one of the best medicines. We are lucky to have Annie lead us in group laughter yoga.

 The Residents enjoy all the different styles of laughter exercises we do.

Shades of Gray
 One of our Resident family members is in a band.

 The band is so sweet to schedule time to perform for our Residents in Assistant Living and Memory Care.
Thank you Shades of Gray for donating your time and talent.

Arts & Crafts
 Lindsay is another volunteer who comes in with different craft projects for our Residents.
Caroline and Bob are enjoying this weeks project.

 Florence loves to attend Arts & Crafts.

 Both Helen's try their skills at painting.

Madeline on Piano
 Madeline has been performing at San Carlos Elms for years.
We all enjoy her piano playing along with her voice.

Ombudsman Visit

 We were happy to have Diana, a representative from San Mateo Ombudsman Service, come in and talk to our Residents about their rights.
She had a full presentation for our Residents and answered a lot of questions.
Thank you Diana for your time.

Wendell Performs
 Wendell is fantastic!

Scott on Guitar
 The Residents enjoy Scott's singing.

 We even had some Residents up and moving this visit.

Doc Lamott Music Discussion
 We were honored to have Doc. Lamott come in each month with a different Musical topic.

 Music & Motion
 Thanks to our Friends at The A.C.C. Allen comes in monthly to exercise with our Residents.

Potting Succulents and Socializing with Carlmont High School Students
 Students from Carlomont High School, Succulents for Seniors Club come in each month with Succulents they make for our Residents.

 The Residents enjoyed their fall succulents.

 The students put a lot of hard work into their creations and our Residents enjoyed them.

 They also enjoyed spending time with the students and hearing what they are doing in school.

Conrad on Guitar
 The Residents have fun listening to Conrad.

He has a voice that all the Residents and Staff enjoy.
Thank you to all of our volunteers and entertainers who participate with our Residents.

Arts & Crafts

 The San Carlos Library came in with a fun painting project for our residents.