Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day at San Carlos Elms

During Memorial Day at San Carlos Elms we had our flags flying high.
We also handed out poppy's that are hand made by veterans being rehabilitated.
 The symbolism of the poppy is down below if you would like to know more.
 Each of our residents showed their respect yesterday by wearing a poppy made by our veterans and thanking them for their act of bravery.
 This is a handcrafted woodwork by Jerry Nunes. All the Residents thought is was beautiful.
 The symbolism of a poppy.
 Mabel wore her poppy in her hair, her husband served in the Army.
Ray served in the Army and was happy to wear the poppy.

Bob served in the Army, while his brother served in the Navy.
Nellie's husband served in the Navy.

Diane's father and brother served in the Navy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

San Carlos Elms Wishes Bud Edwards a Happy 100th Birthday!

Today is Bud's 100th Birthday!!!
We had a smashing party to celebrate Bud's  100th Birthday.
Residents from The Memory Program and from our Assisted Living Community came to welcome Bud into the Centenarian Club.
 Bud's son Buddy and daughter-in-law Ingrid were there to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Residents wanted to congratulated and cheer for Bud's day!

Bud's son Buddy helped his Papa blow out the candles on the cake.

However, Papa only needed a little help cutting the first piece.

The staff was also happy to join in on the festivities.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

San Carlos Elms Enjoys an Afternoon out at the Farmers Market

The Residents enjoyed a sunny afternoon on Laurel St. just a couple blocks away from The Elms. We walked down, shopped at the Farmers Market, Had a lovely dinner at Spasso's , and then walked off what we ate on our way home.
What a great way to end a beautiful day like today!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Carlos Elms Enjoys The Hometown Day Parade 2014

Hometown Days is an event which brings together various constituents in the community at large to promote community spirit, provide a venue for fundraising and community outreach, and provide wholesome family entertainment.
Welcome to The Hometown Day Parade of 2014!

Estelle, Curley, and George are ready for the parade!

Henry is practicing his wave.
Ray and Nellie are practicing their smiles.
The Mayor of San Carlos made an appearance.
Curley made sure everyone was behaving themselves.
 The San Carlos Elms Bus received a lot of cheers as it drove down Laurel St.
At the reviewing stand they announced us, said hi to Curley and told everyone how we had a party inside the bus. 
Lou Seal was there.
So was Stomper.

One of our Residents, Alyce walked with the Library. She volunteers there every week.

The Boys Scouts did an excellent job not letting the Flag hit the ground.

The bands that performed did a wonderful job!









Thursday, May 15, 2014

San Carlos Elms Enjoys at The Walt Disney Museum

What an incredible day we had in San Francisco's Presidio! The weather couldn't have been nicer and The Walt Disney Museum was a treasure to explore.

We had a terrific tour guide Jeffery who told us everything we need to know about Walt Disney.

After our tour Don Thanked Jeffery for "One Heck of a tour". Jeffery was great to accommodate our needs which during this tour was a bench from time to time, and there was plenty.

We brought our own food from The Elms and ate lunch at the museum. 

For our finale, we saw "Sleeping Beauty" in the Disney theater at the museum.
It was a long, but wonderful day.
Thank you to ALL the staff at the museum for making just right.

Friday, May 9, 2014

San Carlos Elms Thanks & Appreciates Their Volunteers

We appreciate our volunteers so much here at San Carlos Elms. The Residents in our Memory Program love the quality time shared with young students.
So Thank you!

Marie was all smiles when you were visiting.

Harriet wanted to show her appreciation in a painting.
Dorothy gave her to snaps up approval.

Shirley put it into a song.

Lida might have a scarf for you the next time you visit.
From all the Residents and Staff here at San Carlos Elms we thank you.
Volunteers would be the same with out "U"!

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.