Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Carlos Elms Enjoys The Hometown Day Parade 2014

Hometown Days is an event which brings together various constituents in the community at large to promote community spirit, provide a venue for fundraising and community outreach, and provide wholesome family entertainment.
Welcome to The Hometown Day Parade of 2014!

Estelle, Curley, and George are ready for the parade!

Henry is practicing his wave.
Ray and Nellie are practicing their smiles.
The Mayor of San Carlos made an appearance.
Curley made sure everyone was behaving themselves.
 The San Carlos Elms Bus received a lot of cheers as it drove down Laurel St.
At the reviewing stand they announced us, said hi to Curley and told everyone how we had a party inside the bus. 
Lou Seal was there.
So was Stomper.

One of our Residents, Alyce walked with the Library. She volunteers there every week.

The Boys Scouts did an excellent job not letting the Flag hit the ground.

The bands that performed did a wonderful job!









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