Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day at San Carlos Elms

During Memorial Day at San Carlos Elms we had our flags flying high.
We also handed out poppy's that are hand made by veterans being rehabilitated.
 The symbolism of the poppy is down below if you would like to know more.
 Each of our residents showed their respect yesterday by wearing a poppy made by our veterans and thanking them for their act of bravery.
 This is a handcrafted woodwork by Jerry Nunes. All the Residents thought is was beautiful.
 The symbolism of a poppy.
 Mabel wore her poppy in her hair, her husband served in the Army.
Ray served in the Army and was happy to wear the poppy.

Bob served in the Army, while his brother served in the Navy.
Nellie's husband served in the Navy.

Diane's father and brother served in the Navy.

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