Friday, August 30, 2013

The Memory Program enjoyed their Root Beer Floats Yesterday

The Memory Program enjoyed their root beer floats too.
 Harold help with the pouring.
 Lillian is into her drink,
 as is Carol,
 Mary too,
 but don't leave out Husband Harold,
 or Marie,
 or Fran,
 or Beth.
 Harold wants to enjoy every last drop!
We're finished nothing more to see. Thanks Harold!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Root Beer Float Social Today at San Carlos Elms

It was a lovely afternoon of socializing with friends, reminiscing of root beer floats past, and listening to great music.
 Dorothy, Rosemary, Henry, and Pat enjoyed their time together.
 Henry & Joanne could not recall the last root beer float that tasted so good.
 Bernella said that it was so good she could not have just one.
Same with Ruth.
After our busy morning with all of our visitors it was a nice break in the day.

Round Table Event at San Carlos Elms

Steve Aber introduced the speaker John O'Hara, Garden Coach at the Round Table today.

John started by showing the group how plants are started by seeds. 
 He asked for a volunteer in the group to show the difference between just a little water and no water to a seed.

People came from care homes, communities, and those dealing with elders. It was a very educational morning. Thank you for all who participated. 
Everyone went home with a gardening shovel, seeds, and a bunttie.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What has The Memory Program Been Up To

Mary & Nina seem to be enjoying their time together.
Doris & Elisa are spending some time with our wonderful volunteers. 
Mary is donating her time away from Trinity Presbyterian Church to sing with our residents.
The resident love to paint every Wednesday morning for Memories in The Making.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

San Carlos Elms Goes to the Ball Park

This was our fifth year going to see our San Francisco Giants! We had a GREAT time!!!
Taking a picture with both trophies, 
spending a day in the sun with a lot of fans, 
and winning cracker jacks tossed in the seats between innings. 
It might not have been the win we were hoping for at the end, but it was an afternoon with friends and GIANTS! Thanks to the helpful staff that went to the game the trip went smoothly.

Monday, August 19, 2013

San Carlos Elms Enjoys a Night Out Dancing at The Adult Community Center

We all enjoyed our evening out on Friday night! Dancing, eating, drinking, laughing, and listening to music. Thank you, to The Adult Community Center for making it a memorable evening for all of us.

Dorothy & John enjoyed their dance. 
Alyce and John enjoyed their dance too! 
Karen and John had fun during their dance. 
By the end of the evening we were all on the dance floor. 

Thank you to Anna and Linda for a fantastic evening!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding Time to Dance at San Carlos Elms

Dorothy & Don are enjoying a dance. 
Kathleen was able to get Bill up and Dancing.
Meanwhile, upstairs in our Memory Program... 
Lillian was so happy dancing with Ana. 
So was Fran.

Monday, August 12, 2013

San Carlos Elms Support Group for August 2013

Memory Care
 Family & Caregiver
Support Group
The Memory Car Support Group will be
 August 14th @12:30,       
  in the Grove Family Room.
Support groups will be held on the second Wednesday of each month following the Get Together Lunch.
* This Month there will be live music following the Support Group at 2:30.
RSVP~June #650 595-1500 or
San Carlos Elms, 707 Elm St., San Carlos CA 94070

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to a Resident in our Memory Care

Hannelore celebrated her 84th birthday yesterday with her daughter Heidi, family, friends and staff.
Heidi is reading her birthday card to her. 
Her family is reading some more cards to her too. 
When ever Heidi is around you always here "Mom", Heidi brought the perfect cake for Hannelore. 
Hannelore is making her wish... 
and with the help of her family, we hope it comes true!
Happy Birthday Hannelore!!!

Crafting at San Carlos Elms

Last month we had a great time making napkin holders, bracelets and necklaces, that the residents requested to have the beads back again. Thanks to a donation we have tons of beads to go around and we are having a great time with them.
Suzanne made her bracelet today if you can see it on her left hand, to match her necklace she made last month. 
This was John's first try and he had so much fun with the beads and listening to the music. 

Mabel had a great time finding just the right beads for her napkin holder, but she wants to make more. 
It was an enjoyable afternoon and I know that the beads will be out again soon.

A.C.C. Lunch

 The Elms was proud to be a sponsor for The Adult Community Center's Spring lunch.