Friday, September 23, 2022

A Night of Inspiration

 San Carlos Elms was proud to be one of the many sponsors for "A Night of Inspiration" for One Life Counseling.

One Life has volunteered many hours to The Elms with the Music and Memory Program. Starting next Month they are starting "Music for the Mind" which will give all of our residents an opportunity to have their own MP3 player with their own personalized music on it. 

They also show their support in the community with mental health for schools, first responders and more.

What a beautiful and elegant venue for the evening Domenico Winery in San Carlos.

Susanne Hughes, Executive Director of One Life welcomed everyone to the six annual "A Night of Inspiration"
Michelle Stulbarg, Chief Operations Officer and coordinator for the evening.

Let the Auction Begin!

Award winners for the evening.

Congratulations to our Marketing Director, Amanda Lee. She won ACT Ticket in San Francisco.

Our Care Coordinator, Lorily deLos Reyes and Activity Director Kathleen Sullivan pose for a photo with Suzie Vick, Music and Memory Program Manager and Music for the Mind at San Carlos Elms.

The Elms representatives for the evening, Lorily, Maribel Carino, Director of Health Services, Kathleen and Amanda.

We hope you can show your support to One Life Counseling.
They are life savors!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Staff Appreciation Day!

 Here at San Carlos Elms, we are proud to have the hard working and resolute staff.

Today we took some time to show our appreciation with food and prizes.

Fabricio, 26 years of service.

Willy, almost 18 years of service.

August, 26  years of service.

Rosa, almost 15 years of service. Happy Birthday Rosa!

Flor, 18 years of service.

Esther, 10 years of service.

 Rhona, almost 16 years of service.

 Meiling, almost 22 years of service.

Dora, 14 years of service.

Ismary, almost 17 years of service.

Jackie, working on a year of service.

Yvette, three years of service.

 Tulay, almost six years of service.

Raquel, almost nine years of service.

Selvana, almost four years of service.

Eddy, almost nine years of service.

Lorily thank you not only for your 20 years of service, but for all your help with the photos today.


Rheiah and David pose for a photo.

Thank you to all of the staff!
We hope you enjoyed your day!!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Take a Look at Our Memory Program

Terri continues to take her photos of the activities from her perspective.

We will make sure to post some more of Terri's work soon.

Precious performs and Marilyn is always ready to dance.

Carole enjoys painting during Memories in the Making.

Vija enjoys painting too.


Music and Memory

The Residents enjoy their exercises, while enjoying music.

Enjoying some fun in the sun with friends.

 And of course, ice cream.

Marilyn showing off her moves.

Thank you for taking a look into our Memory Program.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

What Are We Doing? Take a Look

Monthly Gifts from Volunteer Sydney
We are happy to have Sydney back providing our residents with monthly gifts.

 And fun facts about the month of September.

Eleanor got a big smile out of it, thank you Sydney!

Maddaline on Piano
The Residents enjoy seeing Maddaline's dog, Regenald when she plays.
Precious Performs
Wendell Performs Too
He does a great job getting our Residents moving and shaking.

Conrad Performs
Conrad always has a full house.
Word Challenge,

Trivial Pursuit

Wii Bowling.

Arts & Crafts
Yvette plans fun and holiday appropriate crafts for our Residents.

Bill made a gift for his friend Stuart for Grandparents Day.
Getting ready for the fall.

 Bill was so excited to show his creation to Activity Director, Kathleen.
Again, Yveete does a great job!!
Helene, already has hers up on her door. 
Looks great Helene!
Current Events
Carol, a volunteer for many years still zooms in weekly from Rohnert Park to discuss current events with our Residents.

Also a great place to discuss politics with the elections coming up soon.
Bill and Stewart enjoyed their root beer float.

Memorial Day

 This marks a time for all of us to remember those that we have lost. Residents were offered Poppies to commemorate this day.