Friday, June 27, 2014

San Carlos Elms Resident Enjoy a Dinner Out

Thursday evening we enjoyed a lovely walk down to dinner at La Tosca. Before our meal we enjoyed the Farmers Market on Laurel St. just a couple a blocks away from The Elms. We love sampling all of our favorite fruits and buying some too. All the Residents are looking forward to next month's dinner adventure.

Friday, June 20, 2014

San Carlos Elms is Greeted by The Little Explorers Petting Zoo

The Residents in our Memory Program had a terrific afternoon. They were greeted with warm hugs by rabbits, goats, sheep, geese, chickens and a pig, thanks to The Little Explorers Petting Zoo.
We even had Residents from our Assisted Living Community visit.
Margo & Becky didn't want to let their rabbits go.

Shirley liked her rabbit.

Hey Mary, are you suppose to have two?

Grace and Carol wanted to make sure all the rabbits had good homes.

Lida couldn't stop smiling.

Lida wanted to keep her rabbit.

So did Fran.

Beth did too.

Carol preferred the goat.

Let's See What San Carlos Elms Memory Program Has Been Doing Lately

It is never a dull moment in The Elms Memory Program. The Residents have something to do all the time thanks to the help of the wonderful staff.
Lida is having fun blowing as many bubbles as she can.

Harriet is admiring the bird she just finished painting.

Becky is working on her painting of a bird. Wow, looks just like the picture.

Harriet looks like she enjoys Bingo or really wants to win.

Hannelore is enjoying some quality time with our house dog Curley.

Harriet looks like she is giving some painting tips to her friend Shirley.

Fran is reading a story to the group, Carol listening to every word.

This week was Lida's birthday and her daughter brought in a cake to celebrate the occasion.

All of Lida's friends were there.

Shirley looks like she is ready to party.

Beth is too!

Friday, June 13, 2014

San Carlos Elms Celebrates 18 Anniversary with a BBQ

We can hardly believe it! We have had our doors open now for 18 years, providing excellence in care and services to our Residents. Today we celebrated with our Residents, their families, our staff and their families. We had a beautiful day to take advantage of dining outside.
Live music, drinks and wonderfully cooked food. It was a perfect way to mark this occasion.
Thank you for all who joined us today.
Enjoy the pictures below.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

San Carlos Elms Wishes Ruth a Happy Birthday

Ruth celebrated her 96th birthday today at San Carlos Elms. Ruth may have just moved into The Elms a couple of months ago, however you would not notice that by the amount of friends she has made and came to wish her a happy birthday!
Her daughter Jan and son-in-law Michael were in attendance today it was a great afternoon.

Ruth wrote a few words down and thanked everyone for being there. It meant a lot to her. She is happy to have such great friends.

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum