Tuesday, January 30, 2018

San Carlos Elms Participates in Week of The Family

San Carlos Elms was happy to participate in the 19th annual Week of The Family.
This year’s Week of the Family runs January 26 through February 3, 2018.
We kicked off Week of the Family by making sandwiches for Street Life Ministries and Valentines for our Veterans at Palo Alto VA.
The Residents were excited to have young students and parents in their home to help those in their community.

Some of the Students and Residents took a chess break.

Monday, January 29, 2018

4H Group Works with San Carlos Elms Residents

Local 4H group came in to help the Residents make Valentines. Some of the 4Her's played games with our Residents.
The 4Her's come in once a month with a special project or visitors each month.
Elsa was so happy to work the group.

Betty is new to San Carlos Elms and is enjoying her time here.

Fred loves to have fresh minds to play chess with.

Caroline enjoys her time crafting with the students.
Thank you 4H for planning such a fun afternoon with our Residents.

San Carlos Elms Scenic Drive and Rest Stop

During the weekends our Residents look forward to a Scenic Drive around the Peninsula and Bay Are. This trip to Twin Peaks included a rest stop. A time for Residents to get off the bus stretch their legs and take in the views.
Activity Assistant, Ashley was happy to take a selfie with Dolores, Gloria and Rigo.

Rigo was amazed with how clear and beautiful San Francisco looked.

Fred didn't mind the chill in the air. He was enjoying the scenery too much to think about it.

Gloria and Helen walked all around to take in as much as they could.

Rigo, Dolores and Gloria were happy that the rain stayed away for this day.

Joan enjoyed walking with her aide.

Friday, January 26, 2018

San Carlos Elms Goes Out for Lunch

We were happy to get out and enjoy the sunshine today.
All of us had a fun time at Max's today.
We had a lot of laughs and great story sharing today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

San Carlos Elms Residents Receive 2017 Yearbooks

Each year we put together a yearbook for our Residents.
We take time to look back at what fun times we had and remember our friends whom are no longer with us.
Residents enjoyed being with their friends, reminiscing and enjoying some delicious cake.
During our celebration we also had all the photos of 2017 projecting on the television screens.

Dolores helped set up for the party.

 Residents were delighted with their yearbooks.
 They learned more about their friends,
 laughed at what they did,
and cried for some of their friends remembered. 

Residents enjoyed their yearbooks well into the evening.
Thank you for everyone that helped with the yearbook and participating in the party.
Yearbook will soon be online

Friday, January 19, 2018

San Carlos Elms Celebrates 102nd Birthday

We had a such a fun time at Bernella's 102nd birthday party today.
Family, friends and staff members were excited to celebrate with Bernella on this momentous occasion.
Bernella was happily surprised with her corsage.
June did a great job getting it on!
We all enjoyed strawberry short cake.

Bernella loved her birthday balloons.

Elsa played "Happy Birthday" on the piano for Bernella.

Bernella needed a little help with the candles, Kathleen was more than happy to help.

She was so excited when the candles went out.

Daughter, Daria helped her mom cut the first piece of cake.

Friend, Heidi brought Bernella a beautiful stain glass piece.

Residents enjoyed stopping by and wishing Bernella a Happy Birthday.
Bill was all smiles when he wished Bernella a Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition Sings at San Carlos Elms

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition sang their hearts out for our Residents this week.
They provided a Sing-a-Long with the Residents to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.
They also handed out flowers to our Residents.

Thank you Peninsula Multifaith Coalition for your wonderful performance and gifts. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Entertainment and Education at San Carlos Elms

At San Carlos Elms we are lucky to have such diverse entertainment.
This month we had a violinist, pianist, guitarist, and even a choir.
We also have several lectures monthly at San Carlos Elms.
Below are just two samples of the type of entertainment we enjoy here at The Elms 
The Residents enjoyed singing along with Scott Hill on his Guitar.

Doc Lamott enriches our Resident's minds with musical history.
This month was on Johann Sebastian Bach.


Makiko on Piano