Friday, October 30, 2015

San Carlos Elms Celebrates Halloween with a Party

We had a great time at our Halloween Party this afternoon.
Residents had friends and family members attend the party.
We enjoyed sweets, drinks, music, and seeing Residents in costume.

Even the Kitchen Servers got into the Halloween spirit!!!

Some of the Management team and assistants did too!
Happy Halloween from San Carlos Elms!!

San Carlos Elms Memory Program has their Halloween Party

The Memory Care Program had a fun time this afternoon at their Halloween Party!
Dennis was showing Anne how he likes to party.

Becky is showing off her party side.

Gilda is too.

Even at 102 years young, Lillian still loves a good party.

Dean was all about the sweets.

Kirsten loves to make us all smile.

Dennis loved Ismary's costume today as a police woman and Curley as Waldo.

Curley wishes all of you a safe and Happy Halloween!

San Carlos Elms has a fun Visit from Brittan Acres School

Brittan Acres has come to San Carlos Elms every Halloween for the past 19 years and we are so happy to see them each time. Each class year has their own talent that they share with us.
This year we had...

 a pianist,

two gymnast performers,  

a folk dancer,

and all singers as they paraded around the room in their costumes.

The enjoyed spending time with the Residents and the Residents enjoyed giving them the candy bags at they left. Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Thank you to all the volunteer parents and Miss Murphy for helping out with Miss. Umber's class today!

Children's Place Visit's Memory Care Program at San Carlos Elms

This morning the Memory Program had a fun visit with the pupils from Children's Place.
They came and sang songs, then colored with the Residents.
Thank you to the teachers and volunteer parents who helped this morning it was a lot of fun!

The Residents enjoyed handing out candy to our guest!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

San Carlos Elms Residents Prepare for Trick-or-Treaters

The Residents worked hard this afternoon stuffing goody bags filled with candies and other fun treats for our trick-or-treaters this coming weekend.
We made enough for our Brittan Acres and Children's Place visitors tomorrow, then the rest are all for Halloween night.
Bud, Dorothy, Ruth and Betty had fun listening to the music while working.
Bud enjoyed dancing while making the bags.

Nellie and June worked hard.

Helen was making sure everyone had help, even volunteer Ashley.

Ruth Caroline, Shirley and Nellie had a lot of fun.
Nellie had fun bouncing from table to table.

Friday, October 23, 2015

San Carlos Elms Enjoys a Lunch Out

We had a fun time out at Denny's.
We all enjoyed having lunch out together.
Grace loves her hamburgers, no Onions!

You know the food is good when the talking is cut into half when the food arrives.

Shirley tried her luck at the claw machine. No luck this time, maybe next time.
Thank you Denny's for your great friendly service!!!

San Carlos Elms Enjoys an Afternoon at Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford

We had an amazing visit to the Rodin Sculpture Garden.
The security at the garden was so helpful and we cannot thank them enough!
Standing in front of the "Gates of Hell" was intimidating, but even more when it began to knock.

The weather was perfect for viewing all of the sculptures in the garden.

Dolores and Mabel had fun talking to the police when they were visiting.

Sidney enjoyed the garden. She came home with three art books.

Shirley, Sue and Mabel having fun posing with one of the sculptures. 

We all enjoyed a small picnic in the garden it was a refreshing outing.

Hiller Aviation Museum

Hiller Aviation Museum