Monday, November 27, 2017

San Carlos Elms Celebrated Curley's Birthday

We celebrated our house dog, Curley's birthday last week.
The Elms is so happy that our rescue dog of 10 years is celebrating his 12th year with us.
He had a fun filled day with his friends and staff.

Curley with his house mom and our Director of Marketing, June.

Curley and Grove Activity Leader, Ismary blowing out the candles.

Curley was a very gracious guest, thanking everyone who came. 

Curley enjoyed his whipped cream.
Thank you to all for making Curley's 12th birthday so much fun!

Friday, November 17, 2017

San Carlos Elms Goes Out to Lunch

We were so happy that the sun was out today.
We had a great time at IHOP!
The food was delicious, the waiters were wonderful and the conversations were hilarious.

 Bob was so happy with his blueberry pancakes.
Gloria enjoyed her hamburger and Muriel loves her sweet cream crepes.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rabbi Corey Visits San Carlos Elms

We are grateful to have Rabbi Corey Helfand visit us from Peninsula Sinai Congregation and educated us on Jewish traditions.
Residents of all faiths are always welcomed into this activity.
Thank you, Rabbi Corey, for all your dedication to The Elms.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veterans Day from San Carlos Elms

This morning to celebrate our Resident Veterans we had a Veterans Day Ceremony.
We sang patriotic songs, shared stories and took time to remember those Veterans who are no longer with us.
Thank you to San Carlos Boy Scout Troop 321 for helping us put together a beautiful program for our Resident.
Thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary District 8, Unit 510 for making and donating poppy corsages for our Veteran spouses, flag pins with ribbon and poppies for everyone.

Thank you to all our Veterans each and everyday!

 Troop 321 lead the Resident in patriotic songs.
 During the "Armed Forces Medley" we had Residents and Visitors stand for their branch of service.
Army was the most popular today.
 At 100 years young Bob Chamness was proud to stand for the Navy.

 Activity Director, Kathleen signed "I am Proud to be an American" song.
Troop 321 had a very talented bugle player.
He started the service with "Star Spangle Banner" and ended with "Taps"

 Residents stopped and thanked him for sharing his talent with them.
At 11:11am he played "Star Spangle Banner" out in front of San Carlos Elms.
Don Pettengill shared his mementos and stories with us today.
Thanks again to Troop 321  and their parents for making this a memorable day for our Residents.

A.C.C. Lunch

 The Elms was proud to be a sponsor for The Adult Community Center's Spring lunch.