Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mister Softee Visit

It was a beautiful day and what could make it more enjoyable? Mister Softee!
Residents, family members, staff and visitors indulged on an afternoon of ice cream from Mister Softee.
The line was all the way down Elm St.

Gloria was one of the first to order.

Gloria was happy with her vanilla cone. 
Muriel came prepared with sunglasses.

Marion and Hue couldn't wait to bite into their chocolate covered cones.

Dania was happy to take her cone and eat it with her friends.

Virginia was so happy to get her ice cream cone.

Alyce couldn't wait to dive right in.

Bill and Ann enjoyed their ice cream on the patio.
 Joyce was happy with her first Mister Softee visit.
George and Tillie  finished their ice cream while enjoying each others company and warm weather with friend Kirsten .

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