Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Heather School 2nd Grade Class Visits San Carlos Elms

We had a special visit today from Heather School 2nd Grade Class.
One class entertained our Residents with five skits and read to the Residents after their performance.
This performance was Henny Pence.

This was a skit of Little Red Riding Hood.

Caroline enjoyed her book with the students.

Virginia listened carefully to the story.

Bob was happy to spend time with the students.
Then we had a separate group of 2nd Graders visit our Residents in our Memory Care Program. 
Ruth was interested in the story.

Joan was all smiles as a story was being read to her.

Manny was even showing a smile today for the students.

All of the Residents and Students had fun crafting and coloring together.
Thank you to Heather School for spending time with our Residents.
Thank you to the teachers for setting this wonderful morning up.
A special thank you to all the wonderful parents who took time to accompany the students to this event.

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A.C.C. Lunch

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