Friday, August 9, 2019

August Days at The Elms

Music Discussion with Doc Lamott
 The Residents and some of their family members enjoy this monthly visit.
Thank you Doc. Lamott for enriching our Residents lives.
  Every visit Doc Lamott brings to our community a wonderful musical topic.

Root Beer Float Social
 Shirley, Florence, Helen and Joyce smile for the camera.

 Grace, Violet, Jeanette, and Caroline enjoy their floats.

Stewart enjoying a root beer float with his daughter's friend.

Lunch on the Patio
 We all had fun and had delicious burgers from In & Out.
Our Dietary team made some fantastic fries to go along with our burgers.

 John, Barbara and Barbara had fun socializing while enjoying their burgers.

 Angelina and Shirley had fun getting to know each other.

Helen helped pass out some fries.

George on Guitar
 George started out as a wonderful volunteer at San Carols Elms.

He was just too good not to hire!
The Residents love to listen to his voice. 
The Staff enjoy dancing to his music.

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