Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Residents Enjoying Many Activities

We have a lot of talent that comes to perform for our Residents.
Here are just a few.
 George on guitar.

 Scott on guitar.

 San Fransisco Banjo always has a full room when they perform.

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition Visit

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition came and sang songs with the Residents.

 They also brought beautiful flowers for everyone in attendance.
Barbara was very grateful for their visit.

 Jeannette was happy to spend time with them after their performance.

Piano Recital

ROPES Project
 Savannah and Guiliana came to the Elms to share their ROPES project with our Residents.

 They presented a yoga and healthy snacks, "play-date".

 They shared some moves the Residents can use.

 They shared some healthy snacks with the Residents too.

Mayor Visit
 We are lucky to have our Mayor, Ron Collins visit each month.

 He makes sure the Residents are aware of all the changes happening in their city.

Petting Zoo Visit
 Marilyn looks forward to the visit from Little Explorer Petting Zoo.

 Frances is having a great time with Duchess, the pig.

 Vija enjoyed her time with the chicken.

Frances found a bunny to hold.

 So did Angelina.

 Don's new friend is listening to everything he is saying.

Manicure Social
 Residents enjoy getting their nails done weekly with the activity staff.

Wine and Cheese Social
 Residents enjoy spending some time together after dinner for a little wine and cheese.

 We know they enjoy spending time together too.

Jeannette taught all her friends-Connie, Tillie and Helen how to play one of her favorite games.

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