Thursday, April 14, 2011

Published San Carlos Elms Residents Poetry

We had a surprise poetry reading today for our published residents who were in CALA News & Views magazine. We were so proud of Lou and Rosemary that we had this party just for them. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Also, following their pictures are their poems which I hope you enjoy.

Retirement Home - Just Moved In

By Lou Mohler

You arrive as a stranger in a strange land,

but with no one beside you holding your hand.

A whole forest of people comes into view,

You want to know them and they want to know you.

New personalities unique to behold,

It's like watching the bud of a rose unfold.

Working to remember names of this long parade,

You need and wish for a good memory aid.

Yes, truly an adventure to know each one,

And then, you discover, their is still more to come!

To Sit and Dream
By Rosemary Bishop

While looking for a place to sit
and dream; such as a deep forest,
or a splashing ocean; it would seem;
But, I saw a chair and flopped into it.

In dreams I saw Redwood trees
and sun so bright.
But; sitting all I saw was my
bony knees and the glare of a car tail light.

Oh, dreams of sailing ship- flying
in the wind-No.
The hard chair crushed my hips
against the ground I was pinned.

In dreams a lovely scent filled the air
really the car exhaust was hard to bear.

I dream of beautiful buildings
of ancient Greek design
i knew the buildings across the street
were dirty and benign.
Then I really looked across the street,
and saw a yard full of poppies.

Dreams are reality.
I heard a crow call.
The seat became softer.
The front terrace really is a
Lovely place to sit and dream.
Our Residents sharing a moment together reading the magazine that their poems were in.

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A.C.C. Lunch

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