Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Poem on the Remodel at San Carlos Elms

By: Rosemary Bishop

On a sign for all to see.
"Renovation of Craft Room will begin soon."
How clear to all it would be
might be before the new moon!

Next day we rushed to see when?
Same sign still there
I looked for construction men
Who has news to share?

A week later
Some sign as we walk by
a month later
Same, with a sigh and sigh.

Low and behold! It has Started!
Men and tools all over
The rooms will be parted
Did men come from faraway Dover?

All activities are in rooms 108 and 110.
Signs on these doors now say "Residents Play House"
The workers are Nexgen
Are not as quiet as a mouse.

They close the doors into two rooms
And open them into one!
With a help of a hammer, saw and brooms
The "breakthrough" is done!

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