Thursday, October 27, 2011

San Carlos Elms Poet Celebrates Halloween in her own words

Halloween Path
That's the Elms, and I am a Resident
It's a large building on Elm and Cherry.
To show you- I won't be hesitant.
Front door opens to sad to merry.

Walk in through a large double door.
Up a wide an impressive path.
Which begins on Elm which has car galore.
To figure the size you need advanced math.

First you see a wooden bench to the left and to the right.
Say!There's Peter's bicycle.
It's a familiar sight.
But there are no little tricycles!

There is a big pair of orange and black boots.
The super long toes are pointed and curled.
Some one's Halloween boot--
covered with sparkles and pearls.

The other side has a large black ant.
It is scary and over a foot tall.
Oh, I'm beginning to pant.
Hang tight --I might fall.

The sides are lined with pumpkins and cornstalks.
About five on each side.
Some pumpkins have funny faces
who made these with pride?

Oh! There's a hay pile
With a darling stuffed couple on top
I would walk a mile to see their sunny smile.

It must be Halloween
To have all this.
From which to run and hide
but this all treat no trick.

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