Thursday, August 16, 2012

San Carlos Elms Goes to The Ball Game

We had a crackerjack time at the ball park yesterday cheering on @sfgiants our San Francisco Giants!!!

Henry, Rosemary, and Alyce brought their gamer faces.

Carolyn was so happy that the Giants game landed on her birthday. Happy Birthday Gamer Babe!

Jim taking in the ball park and the warm summer air.

We were able to get there early enough to watch batting practice.

Then enjoy the rest of the game with the rest of the 42,000+ fans that came to the game. Too bad the Giants didn't win, but their is always another game.

Thank you to all the Giants staff who made it such a great day for us. Especially Lee our usher in section 335. You started out our afternoon just perfectly!!!

#SanCarlosElms #SFGiants 

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